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Introducing Online Submission System and Updated Website

Submitted by on October 31, 2011 – 8:11 AM One Comment

Journal of Pakistan Medical Students (JPMS) is proud to announce that our new website has been launched successfully on October 30, 2011; 10:41:05.9 PST.


The Governing body of JPMS appreciates the contribution of all those who have worked hard to bring this up gradation.


JPMS is thankful to Burhan Ahmed (Flint, Michigan, USA) for giving all the technical support to Online Submission System and giving WWW.JPMSONLINE.COM a new look and an innovative touch. It was designed by Burhan Ahmed and Anis Rehman. JPMS is also thankful to our partner Medicalopedia ( for this upgrade. Other members of the JPMS Family who were directly involved in the process are Haris Riaz (Chief Editor), Faryal Tahir (Copy Editor) and Abdul Nafey Kazi (Editorial Assistant). Credit goes to Zara Awan (Section Editor for original articles) and Juwaria Shoaib (Director, Public Relations) as well for giving their professional opinions about the new website.

Online Submission System gives authors the option to submit papers online and track them. However, both Online Submission System and Email Submissions will work in parallel for paper submission for the time being.


The new website has updates from Twitter (News and Updates as well). Join our Twitter page to get tweets and updates. This website also gives our readers an option to subscribe. By subscribing to JPMS, all the newly published articles will be sent to their email. This new website gives another opportunity to categorize articles under different types of articles. The new website is open to all kinds of criticism and suggestions. We welcome your time in this regard.

Thank you,

Governing Body,

Journal of Pakistan Medical Students

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  • Mohammad Ateeb Shaikh

    That is certainly a great innovation.