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Press Release: JPMS is Now an Official Partner of Public Health Perspective (PHP) Newsletter, Nepal

Submitted by on July 1, 2012 – 6:11 PM 5 Comments

Public Health Perspective (PHP) is the first online public health newsletter of Nepal. It is a monthly newsletter that provides information about national and global health, health policy, public health events, disease outbreaks, epidemiological investigations and health interventions, medicines, laboratory sciences, the environment and health rights, among others. It has nine sections broken down as editorial, letters to the editor, national news, global health, featured articles/PHP special, journal watch, WHO publications, advertisements (seminars, workshops, conferences, book releases etc.), and being healthy.


PHP was established to provide public health information for all through the informed health workers and students. It believes every person has the capacity to contribute to solving community health problems. PHP therefore encourages people to actively participate in public health by voicing their innovative ideas. It does this by: providing a place to share ideas about program planning and solutions that will assist in changing policies; seeking to increase the professional development of young and energetic public health novices; ensuring the continued involvement of public health experts in general; and providing a focus for health news and public health events. In addition, PHP provides a forum for individuals to not only share information but also experiences, ideas, solutions, and success stories that can help with policy change, program planning, and future research.


The newsletter aims to increase the professional development of public health students, as well as provide a platform for seasoned public health professionals to share their expertise. It aims to be a revolutionary newsletter in the field of public health in Nepal.


PHP is entirely free. You can read and contribute to the newsletter at


Email: [email protected]


Note from JPMS: We will be giving 20% concession on the print copies of JPMS to the PHP Team and it’s Campus Liaisons.

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  • Anis

    Thank you very much Amrit for joining us! We hope to have an ever lasting partnership which will have a good impact on medical community and the general public. Thanks again. 

  • Amrit Banstola

    Its our pleasure to be a partner with you. I am sure that this partnership will create a positive vibe among the young health professionals of Pakistan and Nepal and the world for the better of health and good friendship despite geographical and cultural differences. PHP will always be there to help JPMS in its endeavor. Long live our partnership. Thank you.

  • Soumyadeepbhaumik

    The way youngsters in South Asia are bonding . it gives me high hopes for the future :)

  • Anis

    Thanks Amrit. I appreciate your sentiments! 

  • Anis

    Soumyadeep: Things are changing. Now there are different dynamics than there was in 2010. New journals, new organizations and people with progressive minds are coming out finally and working play their part for a change. I highly support this! 
    Amrit has been doing great despite the circumstances. Many other such students are doing a lot now.