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Better Future Doctors

Submitted by on July 30, 2012 – 12:22 AM 6 Comments

Health is surely the greatest wealth but when this wealth starts to go down, only one person pops into our mind and we hurry to go to a doctor, the ultimate solution finder of our down falling health.


The biggest problem more than our sinking health arises if the consulted doctor is unable to make right diagnosis or prescribe correct medication. Now we are caught in real frenzy and this occurs when the doctor is inexperienced or lacks ample medical knowledge to practice. This would not have been the case with a good doctor. So we need to have good doctors to prevent these conditions from prevailing which if not stopped will slowly lead to health crises.


Thus, every nation’s socioeconomic success depends on the population of healthy working people in the society. If majority of them are ill, they will not be able to contribute their part in a more effective way in our society.


Here is where a doctor plays his role by treating the unhealthy ones to reduce the mortality and morbidity rate. He could only perform this task efficiently if he is cautious and competent. Thus producing better doctors is our nation’s responsibility and to achieve this target of individual and collective efforts need to be done.


This goal can be achieved by setting more good medical universities fulfilling the needs and demands of medical students and matching standard of quality education. By building research institutes where one can further enhance his knowledge. By holding seminars on various recent and important medical problems to update the doctors with latest findings.By giving scholarships to meritorious medical students for further higher studies.


E-learning should be encouraged for gathering authentic and useful medical data among the doctors. Library needs to be upgraded with latest authentic and standard books so that medical students can be facilitated. Hospitals need to be well maintained, with all necessary facilities eg:  correct machinery,instruments and reliable labs  to diagnose and examine the patients . This would prove not only good for patients to get good medical services available but also help doctors in making the correct diagnosis and confirmation.


In my opinion, medical know how can only give the knowledge of how to treat a patient but this cannot be well implemented if that doctor is careless or isn’t devoted to his profession. If a patient comes up to a doctor and doctor doesn’t pay attention to him while taking the history. He may not either make the right diagnosis or prescribe right medicine, this may cause harm to patient. Such sort of attitudes should be avoided and a mutual doctor patient relationship should be appreciated listening attentively to what the patient has to say, to gather a good history necessary for a patient’s history. Thus a doctor also need to maintain his rapport. Doctors should themselves realize the nobility of their profession so they should perform their duty genuinely and efficiently.


Hence, through these ways we can help medical students to become good future doctors and improve our health standards. If slowly and gradually we work on these steps  we will be able to come up with better ,in fact best doctors of the world.


About the author  :  Umm-e-Laila Hussain is a first year medical student of Dow Medical College, Pakistan.  Besides medical life, she  enjoys writing in her leisure. Her academic landmarks, include a scholarship from Hamdard Foundation, Pakistan. She can be reached at : [email protected]

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