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Important Principles to Follow as a Doctor

Submitted by on August 8, 2012 – 3:46 AM

Medical profession is considered as one of the most noble, as well as, the most demanding profession. It is rather a complete lifestyle and requires an extra amount of effort on the part of a doctor, both at the professional as well as the personal level. To determine that who is a good doctor and how to become a better one, is a very difficult, challenging and at the same time, it is very sensitive issue.

Everyone has his own notion about the idea of being a perfect doctor. Generally speaking, the traits which are being searched in a man or woman wearing a white coat are intelligence, knowledge, skills, kindness, compassion, philanthropy and good demeanor. Hence, keeping in view of such perfectionism and idealism, it is quite a task to work out on some balanced guidelines for becoming a better doctor.


Another sensitive issue is the fact, that apatient is generally suffering from a disease which accompanies agony. The patients only demand and hope is that their healer would do something to alleviate his pain. This is very overwhelming and demanding in terms of professional, keeping in view of his own limitations. While considering all these issues, here are some valuable rules, which can be set and worked out to become a better doctor.


First thing, which a doctor must show to his patient is compassion. He knows that his patient is diseased, tormented, and suffering from pain while a few might be on their death bed. Therefore he must show compassion to the patient as well as to the attendants. It is also required that he should be polite with his patients.


Another most important thing is to remember is that a doctor must be empathetic rather than being sympathetic. A patient can gain sympathies from his friends and relatives, who cannot help him. But doctor is in a better position to help him. A doctor should understand the limitations of the medical sciences and that he is a human being with limited powers. He must know that medical knowledge is ever changing and should try to keep himself updated. Also he cannot fight death. This practical approach is required by the doctor, so that he remains calm and works out efficiently, within his limitations.


Now in order to become a better doctor, he must be knowledgeable and skillful with determination to work hard to improve his skills. A full background knowledge of the disease and its process, helps him to make accurate diagnosis and hence treatment of disease. Importantly, he must judiciously prescribe the drugs, according to the requirement of the individual patient.


It is important that a doctor must realize is his role to prevent diseases. He must be communicative to his patients regarding the wrong myths and practices prevalent in society, regarding health and disease. Ethical practices are vital to gain respect and practice medicine professionally.


In conclusion, becoming a good doctor requires handwork on the part of doctor, for improvement of his knowledge, skills, medical ethics, and over all on his personality. This way, he can excel in his profession, and would be able to provide good medical care to the suffering patients, as is expected and required by his profession. Consequently, he would gain the respect, which he actually deserves.


About the Author: Dr. Maryam Arif is a recent graduate from Nishtar Medical College, Multan, Pakistan. She is currently working as a medical officer at CMH Hospital, Multan, Pakistan. She can be reached at: [email protected]


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