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Challenges in Global Health: Developing Countries Needs Distinctive Overhaul

Submitted by on August 9, 2012 – 12:10 AM 71 Comments

Retraction Notice: The contest article titled: “Challenges in Global Health: Developing Countries Needs Distinctive Overhaulhad” which was published on 11th of Aug, 2012, has been retracted on 21th of  Sept, 2012 . This article was retracted unanimously by the JPMS Medical Blogs’ Editorial Board.

Any inconvenience caused is deeply regretted.

The Contest Organizing Committee,

JPMS Medical Blogs – Editorial Board

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  • Drzamirali

    Exellent and informative

    • Dr. Sana Akhtar


  • Doctor Zar.

    issues addressed here really need to be considered. a very thoughtful article. keep it up!

    • Dr. Sana Akhtar

      Thanks, Dr. Z. I hope it would make a difference somewhere. :)

  • Fareedmohsin

    nice topic, well written and well organized

    • Dr. Sana Akhtar

      Good to hear from you, Sir. Thank you so much for liking my article! :)

  • Fatima

    a very informative piece. Though, it was a bit lengthy but it was such a fine read that i didnt realise how long it was. Very well done Dr. Sana Akhtar!

    • Dr. Sana Akhtar

      Thank you Ms. Journalist! :) I had so many issues in my mind to address, that i think, even these 1400+ words aren’t enough! :)

      • fatima

        I am sure I am sure.. So proud of u girl!

  • Erphan

    Well Written

    • Dr. Sana Akhtar


  • Qudsia

    Excellent and thoughtful writing :) 

    • Dr. Sana Akhtar

      Thanks! :)

  • Dr. Basma Ahmed

    awsome,its about time somebody voiced it.very well done sana.

    • Dr. Sana Akhtar

      Thank you so much! :) 

  • afira


  • Zarlish_reem

    informative, well written !

  • hira tariq

    way to go sana..its awesme yara :-)

    • Dr. Sana Akhtar

      Glad u liked it! :)

  • Sadiaanjum

    Nice article! It sure is high time to do something seriously about these issues. good job!

    • Dr. Sana Akhtar

      Thanks! :)

  • Dr. Sana Akhtar

    Thank you for your kind words Dr. Aisha. I’ll surely try my hands on the research stuff.

  • Dr. Sana Akhtar

    Thanks Dr. Zonera. :)

  • Drirfan_andani

    excellent efforts. all the best

  • Far_ain

    very well written sana:)… zaberdast!!

  • Rizwan. Dr

    a quality piece to read and act upon, very well done!!

    • Dr. Sana Akhtar

      Thanks alot, Sir! :)

  • Salman

    Well done

    • Dr. Sana Akhtar

      Thank you boss! :)

  • M.Salman

    Very good effort and interesting

  • Dr. Ammar

    very interesting. keep up the good word girl!

    • Dr. Sana Akhtar

      Thanks alot!

  • Nazeer

    Very interestingly written. I wish you all the very best! Stay blessed. :)

  • zain ali

    very well written … all the best !!!

  • Dr. Usman

    Woah! Very nice topic Dr. Sana! I always knew you are very talented.

    • Dr. Sana Akhtar

      Thanks kid!

  • Tooba Siddiqui

    Well written :)

  • Dr. Moona H

    Some bit of creative writing here. Very thoughtful.

    • Dr. Sana Akhtar

      Thanks alot Dr. Moona. I am glad you liked it.

  • Sahan

    Totally agree with the part, prevention is easier and cost effective than cure. Great work and it was a lot of information packed in the article, Dr. Sana .

    • Dr. Sana Akhtar

      It feels really nice to know that so many people agree with this point of view and actually wants to support the cause of doing good. Many thanks.

  • Saadat Ali

    Very good effort keep it up

    • Dr. Sana Akhtar


  • M Houalla Sharif

    A good article & competent effort in writing the article found it informative and interesting

    • Dr. Sana Akhtar

      Thanks alot for the appreciation.

  • Rehan Akhtar

    Thoughtful and Original,
    You are on the mark … Good Work.

  • Dr. Sana Akhtar

    Thanks alot!

  • Dr. Sana Akhtar


  • Muhammad Ali

    Great Job Dr. Sana. Its very knowledgeable especially for me because i already took global health course in MPH.

    • Dr. Sana Akhtar

      Thanks Dr.Ali. Good luck!

  • Salman

    Very informative

    • Dr. Sana Akhtar


  • Sabeen


    • Dr. Sana Akhtar


  • Saman Jafri

    not only an interesting write up but also very though provoking!

    • Dr. Sana Akhtar

      Thanks, I appreciate.

  • Mobisher Rabbani

    Keep up the good work Sana

    • Dr. Sana Akhtar

      Thanks much!

  • Saba Musheer

    well written piece highlighting the core issues. good job Sana.

    • Dr. Sana Akhtar

      Thank you, I appreciate.

  • Adnan Zakir

    Very nice article, Sana your attention to detail has been amazing. Keep up the good work

    • Dr. Sana Akhtar

      Thanks a lot!

  • Aparna

    Very Nice Sana .. way to go girl

    • Dr. Sana Akhtar

      I am thankful, Aparna.

  • Muhammad Junaid Shamsi

    very nice article.
    every one must read..

    • Dr. Sana Akhtar

      Thank you, I hope everybody does! Really want to contribute in betterment of developing countries. Inshaa Allah.

  • Luavut

    This is an interesting read!

    • Dr. Sana Akhtar

      Glad you liked it!

  • Syed Sameer Salman

    Very informative piece! Very well-written!

    • Dr. Sana Akhtar

      Thanks alot. I appreciate!

  • Hira Bilal

    Hi Dr. SanaThis is Dr. Hira BilalI read your article and found it very informative. You did a great job there. A very nice selection of the topic and very well explained as well. I suggest it should be translated into other languages so that everyone could get awareness about public health issues of developing countries.

    I see Dr. Irfan Qamaruddin (Head of the Dept of Orthodontics, BMU) and Dr. Fareed Mohsin (Head of the Dept of Periodontics, BMU) have appreciated your work in earlier comments. Getting recognition from your professors is an achievement in itself. Can’t wait for you to win the contest! You must be getting emails of appreciation from others as well.

    All the very best. God bless!