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Being Doctor’s : The Lifestyle of Serving Humanity

Submitted by on August 17, 2012 – 7:40 AM

“Lifestyle of a doctor” upholds its merit of being the most stigmatized notion of history and today. From jeopardizing social life to ethical disregards, allegations are many.

Never the less the dignity of providing cures is undoubtedly overwhelming. Embarking on a journey to become a doctor is never easy and was never meant to be. Doctors are always expected to improvise continuously which means being aware of every new guideline and the fancy technologies.


The recent upheaval of researches aimed at providing better health care produces a pyre of articles every day. Fortunately  authentic journals provide access to the very best and most significant reading material but even this requires plentiful time. This brings us to the very fact that it is of utmost importance for medical professionals to have a healthy routine. Prioritising work and maintain a balance, no matter how cliché have they become, are almost essential.


The proverb “Time is money” is probably best examplified by doctors. A doctor should always be able to juggle between speed and skill. Seeking a balanced lifestyle is definitely a golden rule every doctor should pursue. Being a doctor is all about being a human. While we emphasize on all other virtues of a doctors life, the value of ethics is rather understated. When a patient seeks a doctor he hands his most valuable possession in his hands i.e. his life. This is the hallmark which distinguishes a medical profession from other jobs.


Look around and you will find as doctor’s experience they lose their vigor and passion for their job, and in a matter of time find themselves keeping financial goals way ahead of ethical concerns. Great is the progress of medical care facilities around the world, but a little reminder of the basis of this profession is required. Help others and struggle for the benefit of others, only then a doctor is able to call him a successful one.


Let me requote what the famous Leo Tolstoy once, “The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity”. We can choose to contemplate our hardships or cherish our triumph of serving mankind. Our identity itself is the art of medicine and we must make every Endeavour to preserve what it has taught us “ to touch lives, to change them”.


About the Author: Rameesha Qureshi is from UAE and is currently, a medical student studying in Pakistan. She can be reached at: [email protected]

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