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Medical Education In Pakistan : A Perspective

Submitted by on September 21, 2012 – 6:21 AM One Comment

The field of medical education has its roots in history since many decades. Uncountable doctors, nurses, paramedics are being trained on yearly basis. If we see the level and standard of medical education in 20th century and compare it to the 21st century it have hardly advances if we only keep ourselves to the teaching trend in Pakistan. Although world over there has been great innovation in this field of teaching and the students are taught by so many varieties of techniques, most of which employ their own personal skills development from the very start. The situation of the medical education sector remains at the lowest priority of our government education sector.

Although different universities are striving in their own capacity to bring in innovation in the study plan of the students but are very much handicapped and faced failure in coping up with the new technological developments around the globe in this field. If we visit any medical university in the country and talk to few of the students there regarding the way of teaching in the college, we will always find same answer to the question that the students are mostly trained from their very young age to rot learn and produce the same in their exams. Although the scientific facts are to be memorized but there are surely different ways to incorporate it into any individuals mind.

Many colleges have resorted to the new Multimedia projecting of power points presentations by the lecturers. This is though little use of technology but the students just sit there listen to the lecture and go home rot learn them and they are done. Less they learn through their own skills or time. A new system based on the international standards of introducing the problem based learning system in the university is a step ahead in the field of medical education. But little is gained through this as eventually the students are again listening to the instructors most of the time and doing less of brain storming and research themselves. Pakistan is known to produce the best doctors and medical professionals all over the world who are really competitive and passionate about their work. But there still remains a need that Pakistan make new strategies for the better professional grooming of the students in their respected fields in order to excel.

This is not only the responsibility of the government but also high post health officials in the country. so that if medical education is revolutionized that creates a hope for us that the health care system in the country will also undergo revolution and will be more effective and up to the WHO set protocols. All of the individuals involved in this medical sector need to put in their role and aim to transform the medical health care system into a very effective and efficient one all across the country.

About the Author :  Nayyab Zehra is a 4th Year MBBS student at Army Medical College NUST Rawalpindi, The author can be reached at :  [email protected]

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