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Two Decades Later in Medicine

Submitted by on September 21, 2012 – 6:21 AM 12 Comments

Centuries of hardwork by millions and millions of scientist, have brought medicine to a stage where we can diagnose diseases and give accurate treatments to help people live a long and healthy life.

For ages medicine has had significant importance in the human era. Disease has been diagnosed by patients signs and symptoms or innovative technology such as x-rays, CT scan, and Ultrasound. But eventually the basis  remained the same. For the treatment of any disease, doctor undergo numerous test and procedures to help diagnose the disease which can spend significant amount of money and time of patient.

Couple of decades down the road, future of medicine will be much easier then what is in present and past. Today when patient visit the doctor’s office they usually monitor blood pressure and temperature. But if we go two decades ahead doctors will be collecting blood proteins, genes and any pathological tissues. Most of the blood samples reports are collected in days but a day will come doctor will deliver the report within minutes. The advance technology will improve the productivity and diagnostic tools which safe patient from suffering longer period of time. The future of medicine will not only improve quality of life but will eventually decrease health cost.

Nano-technology will be helpful in future to diagnose the life threatening disease which is developing in the human body. There will be biological sensor like microchip which when place in one’s tooth can easily detect the chronic disease or the future diseases like diabetes and heart attack.

People will be using their smart phones to monitor blood sugar, blood pressure,ECG and vital signs. Cell phone cameras will work like x-rays and to detect any external lesions.

Patient will not go through long and painful laboratory test, procedures and chemotherapy side effects. Latest innovative techniques like robotic surgeries will push the bounderies of medicine. Robotic surgery will be common in near future. Doctor will not require their hands and skill. This will reduce the time of surgery and the risk of infections. Treatment of AIDS and cancer will be expected to be common occurrence in near future and the specialist handling such kind of cases will be handle by a common practitioner.

In near future patient will not undergo painful dental procedures. Reconstruction of natural tooth will be as easier as filling or scaling the tooth. Using their own stem cell from other tooth will help in regeneration of tooth. Tooth wash will be used instead of tooth paste. Painful procedures like implants will be obsolete. There will be a medicine for orthodontic procedure. Patient will not undergo through straight wire and functional orthodontics. They will just need medicine to straighten the tooth.

About the Author: Dr.Shireen Nazir is an Assistant Professor in Altamash Institute of dental medicine. she is a a dentist and a pharmacologist by profession. She can be reached at : [email protected]

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