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Results for JPMS International Medical Writing Contest 2012

Submitted by on November 24, 2012 – 9:19 PM 2 Comments

The Journal of Pakistan Medical Students (JPMS) has strived to maintain high standards of peer reviewed medical publications right from its inception. This has resulted in publications from over fifteen countries and indexations in over databases right at the onset. However, the maintenance of such high values requires vigorous peer review which requires a formal writing style, patience, time, constant revisions and unfortunately results in a high rejection rate. This is evidenced by the fact that less than one fourth of the manuscripts submitted in the journal are ultimately published. To further facilitate publications and to keep the audience abreast with the latest developments and the medical issues, JPMS blogs was created.

Following its launch, the organizers decided to initiate a writing contest which had numerous objectives. Firstly, given the nature of the blogs, the writing style could vary depending upon the interests of the authors. Secondly, the manuscripts were not peer reviewed, but rather proof read for linguistic errors, typos and other grammatical errors. This would naturally lower down the rejection rate and allow more contributors to express their views. Thirdly, fast track publications was sought which ensured that the average time from the submission to the final publication of the blog was less than a week. Finally, we allowed not only the medical professionals but also the general public to express their views provided they were within the realms of the categories of the contest. The JPMS International Medical Writing Contest 2012 has now ended.

The contest vastly surpassed our expectations both in terms of the number of submissions and in the website views. Given the high number of submissions, the deadline of the contest was extended . There were submissions from Pakistan, India, United Kingdom, Nigeria, Kenya, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, Nepal, Australia and several other countries of the world. In total, we published 86 blogs under different themes categorized as Challenges in Global Health/Public Health, Future of Medicine, Classic Papers in Medicine Literature, Medics and Print/Electronic Media, Social Media and Doctors, Medical Education, Evidence Based Medicine, Learning from Medical Errors, Becoming Better Doctors, and Lifestyle of a Doctor.

Of the 86 blogs published in the contest, the co-chairs of the event  Dr. Sidra Ishaque and Dr. Soumyadeep Bhaumik short listed a total of 10 entries for the scoring by the honorable judges. The shorlisting was based on the the Rules and regulations of the contest where web statistics (as per google analytics and wordpress) as well as the writing style  was scored.

The criteria used was Originality and innovation, Quality of content, Focus and clarity, Organized, fluid writing style, Authenticity, strength and distinctness of voice. The scores given by the judges were scored and the mean was used to select the final three winning entries.

We admit and apologise that there was a delay in the announcement of the results. This was done to ensure that the best entries are selected as the winners. Based on the above mentioned process, the top ten contestants and the winning entries are as follows (NOT IN ORDER: PLACED RANDOMLY ):







 The top ten entries will be sent certificates and the top 2 contestants will also receive a cash prize as a token of appreciation. The contestants will be contacted via email within a few weeks about the details.  


First position: Obstacles of studying reproductive health
Second position: Becoming better doctors
Third position: Is it time to let the standing anatomical man lie down supine


We are thankful to all the contestants for their participation, which made this event a success. We are also thankful to the audience for their viewership and to the honorable judges for their valuable time. We will be back next year with the JPMS International Medical Writing Contest 2013.

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  • JageshKamath

    Well done, congrats to all participants and best wishes to the winners.

  • AroonKamath

    I wish to thank wholeheartedly JPMS blogs, all those who read through my blogs, all those who commented on my blogs and all my well wishers. I also take this opportunity to congratulate Dr. Faraz Talat & Dr. Ali Rafiq (winners of the first and second prize respectively) for their efforts.