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Medicine: Nobility in Question

Submitted by on February 3, 2013 – 11:35 PM

photoWe all have heard how angelic the profession of medicine can be. Doctors save lives and hence are the saviors of humanity; such thinking is primitive and doesn’t hold any merit. The profession of medicine was never popular due to its noble characteristic; this credit must be given to its lucrative nature both in terms of wealth and respect. Every doctor must not be deemed an angel though some are, as one can find in any profession. We must remember that the person is noble, not his profession.



Sometimes we, as doctors, think we are entering some straightforward path to heaven; we forget how medicine is but a mere profession. It depends upon us, as the doctor, on how we manipulate this field. Satan only has 5 years of medical school to enter this field, would we look upon him as a savior if he were to go through this trouble? The MBBS degree should not have such high a value; we need to remember doctors are but ordinary humans, and like all humans can fall to luxurious temptations.



A doctor saves lives due to the same reason a lawyer goes to court: it’s quite simply his job. There’s no benevolent gesture behind their task. Now, there’s nothing wrong with such behavior; a doctor needs to make a living and that is how our capitalistic society works. We need to snap out of the illusion that doctors save lives for a higher purpose. We study, and train and in the end get paid handsomely. At the end of the day most ofus go to college not because it’s noble but because none of us want live in impoverished conditions performing manual labor.



Now I’m in no way stating that good cannot be achieved by a doctor; our efforts can make society more habitable and content. These efforts, though, are done by individual doctors and such praise can only be given to individuals, not to their profession. The profession does not demand a humanitarian background. Dr. Adeeb ul Hassan Rizvi’s achievements reaches new heights everyday but his generosity is his alone. I praise him not due to his MBBS degree; I praise him due to his philanthropy.



They say an educated man respects his inferiors; I barely see such behavior today. I believe most of our doctors aren’t educated at all but that is another debate all together. In this country I see doctors that have lost all humble nature only to assert their arrogance on others. The education that was supposed to make us humble has become the prime source of our ego. Today we don’t go to university to receive an education; we enter university knowing we will leave as doctors, leave with that MBBS degree on the wall. There is no humanitarian purpose behind this task.




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