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Health Science Informatics: A Career Choice

Submitted by on February 6, 2013 – 11:38 PM

health_science_informaticsI started using computer at my friends place when I was studying in 6th standard. At that time we mostly played Need For Speed. It was an intriguing invention that was to change my life later on.



But it was not until I reached my 11th grade that I learnt for the first time, that I can also have an address on the web. At that time I had no clue as to what  this virtual postal address meant. But gradually with internet becoming an Urban commonality and many friends asking for email address, I started realizing the importance of the same. Though it only proved its cost effectiveness when I started communicating with my cousin and long time pen pal using this new technology.



Though the context of computer and doctors did not click until I reached my internship, where enormous paper work in a flash made me realize how simple it would be if the repetitive task were eliminated. After that every moment I started searching for repetitive task which could be replaced by a computer, saving human effort. Though in Indian, Government owned medical schools, such ideas were as mismatched as the curriculum to current times.



Though it was during my Preventive and Social Medicine posting when I realized that paper work represented huge proportion of manual labor involved in hospitals of developing nations, this not only resulted in frustrating the personnel, but also resulted in inefficiency and demoralizing the workforce. Since then I was committed to understanding more about this fascinating field, to make lives of personnel in Healthcare setting better, at the same time delivering quality care to our dearest patients at lowest cost possible.




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