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Essentials for Healthy Living: How to Manage Stress?

Submitted by on February 26, 2013 – 11:37 PM

pic_XLProblems are inevitable and so is the stress accompanying them. Or is it? Stress is a part and parcel of life indeed. It’s impossible to have come to the point of reading and understanding this without having experienced an iota of stress ever. What comes across as unacceptable is however when people say they cannot help overcome it, give in and let it silently erode away their mind and soul.



Be it a traffic jam, an exam, a difficult day at work or demanding relationships at home, we constantly inundate ourselves with those corrosives stress hormones which do us more harm than we can possibly imagine. Our bodies are genetically designed to respond to stress. In the beginning it saved our lives, making us run from predators and enabling us to take down prey. Today, human beings are turning on the same life-saving physical reaction to cope with every worry under the sky and that is precisely what leaves us anxious, restless and depressed all the time.



At the cellular level, studies have revealed that prolonged stress can badly mess up with nerve cells in the brain and result in cognitive defects. Cortisol is an essential hormone needed by our body for the regulation of blood pressure, blood sugar levels, inflammatory responses and glucose metabolism. It is also termed as a “stress hormone” for it is released during tedious situations to prepare our body for an appropriate response.



However, elevated levels of cortisol in the bloodstream for protracted time periods can wreak havoc upon the body’s normal functioning. The consequent blood sugar imbalances, lowered immunity, increased abdominal fat deposition and hypertension are just like cherry on a cake of endless ailments. Some people even resort to unhealthy eating habits to shrug off their worries.



While stress paralyzes us emotionally as well as physically, the good news is that not all is lost, in fact nothing is lost. So what if you have spent l twenty years of your life worrying over mere class tests, throwing away your grades in further jeopardy? You can still take control of things. The solution lies with you and within you.



Only you can deal with this ogre alone and come out unscathed and victorious. But for that you first need to clear your head on certain things:


1-  Be willing to accept: A major chunk of our problems arises from an unwillingness to accept life’s ordeals as they are. Accept that certain things in life are just destined for us and once you have done everything in your capacity to overcome them, sit back and watch as time unveils its gifts. Remember, this too shall pass.



2-  Never ever give up hope – Hope is probably the best feeling that keeps you alive as you trudge uphill along the road of life. Succumbing to despair in the middle of the road will not take you anywhere. You can only reach to your destination if you continue to struggle towards it with positive energy and aspirations. The choice is entirely yours. Constant stress and worry will only leave you sulking and dispirited.



3-  Be grateful: If you are reading this, you can already count on your fingertips how blessed you are – enough to sit inside the luxury of your home, be able to see, read and comprehend. There are millions of people out there who have no roof over their heads but the sky, who do not have money enough to buy even a decent meal and those who can’t even see and appreciate the vibrant colours of nature. If they can smile in the face of adversity and be thankful for whatever little they possess, why can’t we? The feeling of gratitude is in itself so warm and fulfilling that we should all cultivate it and help others do so too.



Adopting the right attitude can transform a negative stress into a positive one. Stop focusing on closed doors and obstacles! Take control of your life and manage stress effectively .You can do it!




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