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Essentials for Healthy Living: Multivitamins for Children

Submitted by on March 11, 2013 – 9:38 PM

99701685We know that children are not going to take kindly to taking  multivitamins, especially if they come in the form of a pill. At any age it is important to have the regular daily amount of vitamins but it is especially important for children because their bodies are just starting to develop.  If they are to grow and have the sustained energy they need, vitamins and minerals are a must. Maintaining healthy levels of nutrients leads to a healthy life.


However, there is a sneaky way to get multivitamins to kids.  A complete liquid vitamin supplement is easy to implement and can actually be tasty to them.  Mix it with a drink or place a few drops under the tongue, either way, the child still gets the nutrition.Children should never be without the proper amount of vitamins on any given day.  They will benefit not just now, but in the future too.


A Look at Life Now and Then
•       Children Now – The child’s body is starting to figure out what to do and how to react. It’s really just starting to learn. Building the body up with the proper amount of vitamins and minerals helps them to develop a healthier lifestyle predicated on balance.

•       Adolescent – As children develop they become more active and social by the day. Having the nutrients they need when they are younger helps them adjust to the next level in life.

•       Adults – The older we get, the more problems we run into health-wise. Developing a healthy habit as a child will carry itself over into adulthood in terms of health and growth.


A liquid complete multivitamin is the easiest (and most palatable) way to get children their fair amount of vitamins and minerals each day. Futile attempts are often made trying to get them to eat their fruits and veggies and if not corrected early on, some children never grow out of this habit. At the very least when children get their daily amount of multivitamins they will feel and experience what good nutrition can do by providing sharper focus, a more active lifestyle, and a healthier feel to their body.



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