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Being Slightly Overweight – No Longer Unhealthy?

Submitted by on March 17, 2013 – 11:33 PM

Three_Girl_Friends_livinghealth_212140Enough of making New Year resolutions to control your diet and standing for hours before the refrigerator waiting for the food to jump in your hands and proclaim loudly “Eat Me! I am not high in calories”. Counting calories, measuring the miles, avoiding delectable delights, hopping and skipping around to attain the new trend of ‘size zero’, an impossible fantasy all were after, since long became meaningless and worthless when the new research at Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) revealed that actually putting on a little fat makes you live longer than the normal or underweight population. No more now do you need to be extra slim to look gorgeous, you live longer if you are chubby!


Results reflected that People who were plump or mildly obese (measured by BMI) were 6% less likely to have expired by the end of the study than those with normal weights. Yes, these astonishing findings are a savior to the anorexics and a source of delight for the fast food lobbies.


The researchers analyzed the previous studies’ data with BMI and elicited that more people with weight on the heavier side died in the past than those who weighed less on their scales. This fairly unanticipated conclusion arose from a colossal, detailed review of over 100 earlier published research papers connecting body weight and mortality risk among 2.88 million study participants living around the world. The latest research hence authenticates that obese people, and predominantly those who are extremely obese, have a propensity to die earlier than those of normal weight, but the conclusions also suggest that people who are overweight (but not obese) may live longer than people with clinically normal body weight.


The news might be good for few and bad for others. The fast and junk food industry will now flourish to its boom while the gym associations will face hardships. It is estimated that the majority of USA’s population will be overweight by the next few years since the key is to live longer than look slimmer! There is however a flip side to this too; if we keep more fat in our bodies, the consequences are a far greater threat to our lives. The cardiovascular diseases due to hyperlipidemias in Pakistan and also world over, share a greater risk of morbidity and mortality than any other condition in the world.


Now how do we know whether to eat or to sleep? The authors say that: “Possible explanations have included earlier presentation of heavier patients, greater likelihood of receiving optimal medical treatment, cardio protective metabolic effects of increased body fat, and benefits of higher metabolic reserves.”


While National Health Services (NHS) explains the causative agents as early detection and treatment of the overweight people for diseases like diabetes and hypertension as doctors are more focused for these diseases to be manifesting in obese people than in people with normal weight, buying them more years to live in comparison to the undetected or ignored subclinical conditions in the normal weight people regarding the same diseases. However, it is imperative to note that these are mostly not backed up theories and have not been further explored or proven.


So to conclude, no more day dreaming and leisure sleeps! Eat healthy and workout to burn the extra fat you have. Staying normal and regularly getting your complete medical checkups can actually make you live longer than just believing in anything and spending time in unhealthy regimes. It’s your lifestyle which makes you live longer rather than those extra amounts of bulk you carry around your waists. A healthy lifestyle earns you extra life years to enjoy.



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