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Educating the Educated

Submitted by on July 24, 2013 – 11:59 PM One Comment

hornWhy is the illiteracy rate  high? Why are people still not emancipating myths? Are facts considerable enough to change minds? What’s the definition of education? Is a person holding a degree necessarily be called educated?


Tons of such questions sifted through my mind while holding a blood donation camp for patients suffering from Thalassemia. With our entry in a medical college, we know we are to save lives till the end. We definitely had a good collection, being 52 donated blood bags on the spot. But this was surprisingly less than a plenty considering the number of medical students present there.


Mentioning the ratio, out of 225 people, there were 50 boys only, the rest being the girls. Then what was the reason that we received only 7-8 donations from girls? Was it them being under nourished or underweight, suffering from any illness or having their menstruation cycles perhaps?


This discernment was acceptable at the cost of their own health. But how can reasons like, “Sorry I don’t like to donate/my mother doesn’t allow me to donate blood” or “I am afraid I might have a hair fall and my skin is too sensitive and it easily get acne”; “I can’t ever donate because I haven’t donated before and I will suffer from weight loss” be justified as the only reasons one is refusing to save a life, lying at the death bed, besides being a medical student? Do we still don’t see a difference between a myth and a fact? Is there only a need to educate the uneducated?


Facing the facts, blood donation helps you in nourishing your body, it helps you in fighting against blood disorders and it prevents cancer, one donation can save three lives! So do we still need to hold sessions to spread health awareness among the uneducated? Or do we need to start it again from the most educated level? Its ‘high time the literate society pays attention.



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  • Rawnaw Quanwal

    the message has been nicely put forward. i myself have been through such comments while holding #Blood camp each year on blood donors day. i wish people in general and students in particular could understand the pure satisfaction after donating blood.
    Prayers for all.