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Lack of Career Counselling: What Next after Medical School?

Submitted by on July 28, 2013 – 11:48 PM

questions-featureWhen you step into a medical college, you forget about this question for a while. This is justified to some extent because you are not going anywhere, for the next five years. However, as the graduation year starts nearing, this very question starts to haunt you. “What next?”


“Where to go after graduation?”

“What are the opportunities I can avail?”

“What is going to be best for me?”


Moreover, adding to pressure, you will find that some of your fellow students are already working towards some determined goal. As your inquisitive and concerned mind echoes with all these questions, you start looking around for someone who can answer all your queries and make your life easy. Those of you who are very ambitious will start to look for guidance themselves. Those who are lucky will find good, quality mentorship while others will fall prey to seniors who lead you astray or maybe just make you even more confused.


With all this discussion, I want to emphasize upon the dilemma of lack of career counseling at the undergraduate level. In this ever-evolving field of medicine, the students need to be made aware of what the future has in store for them. In the present day situation, proper career counseling is non-existent in most of the medical colleges. We would see some alumni visiting voluntarily and sharing experiences and helping out the students or there may be a conference held in this regard, only once in a blue moon.


However, this is not enough to cater for the volcano of question in every student’s mind. Needless to say most of these conferences are biased towards going to a specific country abroad. The point of concern is that every student is unique in his capabilities and comes from different circumstances. Hence, everyone has a different set of aims, ambitions and priorities and needs to be counseled on an individual basis.


The students need a career counselor who is present on the campus, is easily approachable, is well equipped with latest developments in medical field and is capable of guiding the student according to his requirements and discussing all opportunities within the country and abroad. Moreover, he should be able to help the student morally and emotionally and enable them to become a great professional doctor with a satisfied ego and self-respect.


A lot of talent goes wasted because the students are not well informed. Many waste time wandering around before they find their way. It is high time that this problem is addressed so that no more talent is wasted and no student suffers in the future.



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