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Social Media for Doctors: A Portal to the World

Submitted by on August 14, 2013 – 5:53 AM

1With advancement of technology and other sciences the world is turning into a global village where problems are shared, advancements are liked and issues are being raised and commented. Yes, it’s the world of social media, which has given the opportunity to each one of us to see the world tweet about things and stay linked-in to the latest updates and events. Being a medical student is more often considered as being a bookworm.


Tough hours of studying and staying in exams pressure about half the year and indeed, it’s true. 5 years of life spending just for a bachelor ’s degree struggling hard in both academics and clinical skills is not an easy task. It will not be wrong to say that staying connected is in the nature of Homo sapiens, social media is the most recent, and approachable way to stay connected.


Time has changed and it has changed our way of looking at things. Nowadays a teacher would expect from their students to know about the things going around the world and being highlighted in news and media. In the same way the internet is flooded with information and it’s easier for students to know a step further beyond their text books. In other words, knowledge has no barriers today if you are seeking for it, it is at your doorsteps, just a matter of few clicks and within milliseconds it gets you what you want.


Social media and blogs are indeed a blessing for people concerned with the medical field in which the latest research and advancements can save lives of millions worldwide. It can play an important role in spreading awareness, preventing people from diseases, collecting polls and data from different parts of the world, highlighting health emergencies issues, linking people with most recent activities of organizations such as WHO, UNICEF and can cause viral news spread. Due to the increased usage of social media in medical field an yearly conference is held in London, titled “Medicine 2.0’13” in which the possibilities between health care, e-health and web 2.0 and web tools such as social media and blogs are considered and discussed. Thus, tele-medicine and e-medicine have evolved with the advent of social media.


As a student, I have found social media to be very thought provoking when it is about study guidance and research options. Different pages related to medicine, surgery and medical related fields are available on Facebook which keeps you automatically updated about the latest in the respective fields. My Facebook page right now has a post from a well-renounced news agency called Reuters, which states “People who eat more raw fruits or drink juice do not necessarily have lower blood pressure, according to a new study that goes against previous evidence.” May be it takes about 2 or 3 years for this research to be published in textbooks but as a student I will not believe in this myth anymore.


This study was carried out in UK, Japan, China, and UK therefore; I will try to observe the same fact in Pakistani population. Since in a minute my mind is able to think in different directions, this is the charisma of social media. It allows you to observe different trends, think about new advancements in different dimensions and makes it possible for you to spread your word with the world.




About the Author: Sana Sohail Anwari is a medical student currently studying in 4th year M.B.B.S and wants to work further in field of research and preventive medicine. She can be reached at [email protected]


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