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Press Release: Extension of Submission Deadline of JPMS International Medical Writing Contest 2013

Submitted by on August 15, 2013 – 12:53 AM 2 Comments

deadline-extendedWith many thanks to the pleasantly tremendous response to the JPMS International Writing Contest 2013, we have managed to highlight many important subjects of debate and matters of concern from across the globe. Due to the continuously increasing submissions, we are quickly leaping towards the century mark and hence we are extremely pleased to announce that the deadline for submission of entries is being extended to 10th September,  2013.


So behold!  You haven’t missed the opportunity to make your voice heard about the things that matter in medicine. Start typing away and send in your articles at the earliest! Remember the new extended deadline on public demand is now 10th September, 2013 and this will not be extended further . We will keep on publishing articles upto a fortnight after the last date. The article metrics will be collected 30 days after publication of the last article.


Tentatively, results will be declared within 45 days of publication of the last article but that is subject to change, based on the convenience of our honorable judges.


We are very grateful to all our readers and contributors for their response and support for JPMS Medical Blogs. We do hope that you all will keep on spreading the word of our contest to your friends and colleagues. We also thank our ambassadors and colleagues at JPMS and JPMS Medical Blogs for helping us reach where we stand today, with pride.


Hafsa Mohiuddin and Abdul Nafey Kazi                                                                   

(Co-Chair and Event Organizer for the Contest )


Dr. Anis Rehman & Dr. Haris Riaz  

(Event Organizers for the Contest and Chief Editors at JPMS)


For Details about the Contest Please Visit :

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  • Iqra Tariq

    I hope that you will collect the data of facebook likes and website hits
    on the articles and make calculations according to the number of days
    that the article was on the website. Some of us have submitted late
    articles and they will have fewer likes and website hits just because
    they had been published late, even if they are better than those who may
    have more likes and hits because they were published earlier, I hope
    you will take the number of days into consideration and calculate a
    ratio according to that. Thank you.

    • JPMS Blogs Admin

      Thank you for your message. Yes all likes are being noted on the link of your blog. They will be calculated on 10th September 2013