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Human Mind: The Greatest Mystery

Submitted by on August 23, 2013 – 10:00 PM

universe-grows-301x190Some time ago I was reading about personality disorders when I stumbled upon the case of William Stanley Milligan. It goes as this: During one long fall semester, the Ohio State campus lived in terror. Four college women were abducted, forced to cash checks or obtain money from automatic teller machines, and then raped. A mysterious phone call led to the arrest of a 23 year old drifter, William, who had been dismissed from the Navy.


William was not the boy next door. Psychologists and psychiatrists who interviewed William concluded that 10 personalities -8 male and 2 female- resided within him. His personality had been ‘fractured’ by an abusive childhood. His several personalities displayed distinct facial expressions, speech patterns, and memories.


They even performed differently on psychological tests. Arthur, the most rational personality, spoke with a British accent. Danny and Christopher were quiet adolescents. Christine was a 3 year old girl.


Tommy, a 16 year old, had enlisted in the Navy. Allen was 18 and smoked. Adelena, a 19 year old lesbian personality, had committed the rapes. Who had made the mysterious phone call?


Probably, David, 9, an anxious child. Some of these personalities were aware of the others. Some believed that they were unique. Billy, the core identity, had learned to sleep as a child in order to avoid his father’s abuse. A psychiatrist asserted that Billy had also been asleep or in psychological coma during the abductions.


This particular case made me wonder about the mystery that a human mind is, leading me to study more. I came to know that such dissociative personalities within the same person can be very different from one another. They might even have different eyeglass prescriptions. Braun (1988) reports cases in which assorted identities showed different allergic responses.


In one person, an identity named Timmy was not sensitive to orange juice. But when other identities gained control over him and drank orange juice, he would break out with hives. Hives would also erupt if another identity emerged while the juice was being digested. If Timmy reappeared when the allergic reaction was present, the itching of the hives would cease and the blisters would start to subside.


In other cases reported by Braun, different identities within a person might show various responses to the same medicine. Or one identity might exhibit color blindness while others have normal color vision. All this information shocked me. I had no idea that a human mind has this much control over the body that it can make changes in physical parameters and give birth to new abilities and disabilities within the body.


Does this mean that physical concepts are just free creations of human mind, that all the inhibitions and boundaries a person has physically, mentally, emotionally and socially, are simply products of the mental cage; that is they exist in his mind only and have no true existence of their own? Sub consciousness is above genetics and fashions the owner accordingly, be it physically, spiritually, emotionally or mentally. What might happen if this cage is opened? Will a person be able to accomplish ten folds of what he accomplishes now, if he simply puts the key inside the lock of this mental cage and turns it?


When we observe this world with a keen eye, and ask ourselves what makes some people so accomplished in their lives; their looks? Their social and ethnic back ground? Money? Resources? We will ultimately come to the conclusion that no, these are certainly not the things that stand these people apart from the rest of the mankind.


It is their minds, and the will of their minds. Many great personalities who shaped this world and brought change in the quality of life didn’t have any of the looks, money or resources, they didn’t have any super powers. What they did have were a sound mind, steel resolve, iron will, unwavering hope, a clear understanding of their goals and an ability to focus their energy towards that goal. How some people are able to accomplish the unachievable or unimaginable is because their mind is not hindered by the impossibilities, rather they revel in the thoughts of possibilities. It is indeed a person’s mind which makes him good or ill, rich or poor, wretched or happy.


Here I will quote John Milton, from his famous book, Paradise Lost: “The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a Heaven out of Hell, and a Hell out of Heaven.” In his speech on Aug, 16th, 1967, Martin Luther King said that as long as the mind is enslaved, the body can never be free. Psychological freedom, a firm sense of self-esteem, is the most powerful weapon against the long night of physical slavery, and I completely agree with him. If we ponder keenly we will see that all civilization in a sense exists only in the mind.


Gunpowder, textile, arts, machinery, laws, telephones are not themselves transmitted from man to man or from generation to generation, at least not permanently. It is the perception, the knowledge and understanding of them, their ideas in the Platonic sense, that are passed along. Everything social can have existence only through mentality. If a person masters his mind, he can master his life.


If he believes that he can accomplish something, he will accomplish it one day. Eyes can see only what the mind wants them to see, if your mind is willing, it can transform your dreams into stark realities. The human mind is basically a channel through which things-to-be are constantly entering into the realm of things-that-are. The empires of the future exist already in the minds of the humans, in other words they can be labeled as the empires of mind. Let’s explore this realm some more.


Every one of us must have observed how good things come to people with good intentions and good actions, while evil comes to the evil. People who are liars and deceive others are lied to and deceived themselves at some point in their future. This led me to the law of attraction which states that “When you concentrate your energy purposely on the future possibilities that you aspire to realize, your energy is passed on to it and attracts it to you with a force stronger than the one you directed towards it.” In other words positive thoughts will attract positive things to you, and negative will attract negative.


Our thoughts have frequencies. Everything in this world can be measured, though for some the methods and devices haven’t been discovered yet. Sleep and dream patterns can be put on graph, electrical activity in the mind is basically measured during this, thoughts are products of electrical activity too, I believe that they must emit frequencies and so if you are thinking a certain thought over and over again, emitting a certain frequency on a consistent basis, this frequency will certainly have some impact on the physical realm around you, it will certainly cause some molding, some shaping, and even some creation.


As Prentice Mulford (1834-1891) once said ” Every thought of yours is a real thing- a force.” It can be said that if you see something in your mind, you are going to hold it in your hand. Faith, hope and will power are the driving forces of the mind, if they are injured the mind falls to pieces. Miracles always happen in the lives of those people who keep hope alive in their hearts.


Their thoughts are focused on the possibilities, the different ways in which they can keep on walking their path, continue their journey, extend their arms towards their goals to embrace them. The epitome of faith in the distant past: popular for the fascination it holds still to date for many is the ambition of Alexander the Great. His faith and belief that he would overcome all obstacles stemmed from the encouragement given to him by fake gods, fortune tellers and priests of his time. Even if all these encouragements were fake, still they were the ones that made him confident and fearless, the ones to transform him into the greatest victor.


The source of faith doesn’t matter, faith itself matters, and what is faith, but the complete reshaping of a person’s subconscious mind. May be some day, medical science, the psychologists and physicists will sit together and strive to measure the human thoughts on physical parameters, measure their strength, record the frequencies, witness miracles and creation that these frequencies give birth to. One day we may be able to turn the key in the lock of our mental cage and free our mind, free ourselves.


A person on average uses a little percentage of his brain, what may happen if the full power is unleashed? The human mind is certainly a great mystery and much research is yet to be done, we understand so little of it yet. How having different personalities can lead to the person having different allergies, different reactions to medication? How some personalities are color blind while others are not in such patients?


How people with little or no resources change the face of the world just because of their faith, belief and will power? May be having an influence on our mind will give us the greatest power of all? Someday, I hope this mystery will be solved, and I want to be alive at that time to see all the answers. May be I will be the one to answer these questions, if I focus my mind on solving its own mystery, may be!


“Mind is the Master power that moulds and makes, And Man is Mind, and evermore he takes The tool of Thought, and, shaping what he wills, Brings forth a thousand joys, a thousand ills — He thinks in secret, and it comes to pass: Environment is but his looking-glass”. (JAMES ALLEN, As a Man Thinketh)


About the Author: Iqra Tariq is a student of 4th year MBBS at Dow Medical College, Karachi, Pakistan. She hopes to work in the fields of psychiatry and dermatology after completing her graduation. Iqra can be reached at [email protected]


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