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What to Expect from a Career in Mental Health?

Submitted by on November 3, 2013 – 8:18 PM

Mental Health TechnologyWhen considering a career in mental health or pursuing a psychology degree online, there are many fields that s/he can enter to fulfill career aspirations. Mental health careers include a vast variety of choices such as social work, psychiatric social work, counseling, child psychology, family therapist, clinical psychologist and much more. Some mental health careers are focused on positive psychology helping individuals to achieve goals at higher levels and to live more fulfilling lives.


In addition to the careers involved in counseling and guidance helping people get their lives on a healthy path, there are other areas of Psychology such as sports psychology, industrial psychology, organizational psychology, applied psychology, cognitive-behavioral psychology, psychotherapy, depth psychology, Jungian psychology, somatic psychotherapy, and more. Depending on the area chosen for the career path, the mental health professional may be teaching, coaching, consulting in organizations, working as a therapist in private practice, working in schools, hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation facilities, churches, emergency relief organizations, crisis counseling and more.


A career focused on helping others to find their inner strength to cope with loss, abnormal stress, or the problems in someone’s everyday life can be very fulfilling. Patience will be needed to help build their self respect, communication skills, and to help the client learn how to make the best choices that offer the best life results. He may encounter patients that come to him who are desperate for life changing answers and ways that will help them to live a happier, healthier and more productive life. An education in the mental health field can gift him with all of the answers and tools that he needs in order to be able to provide the best care and guidance.


There are fields of counseling such as grief counseling, anger management, marriage counseling and even parental counseling that can offer a rewarding career that assures the professional he is providing those in need of his help with the care needed in order for them to have a more rewarding life. Counseling can be provided in a private setting, in a hospital or clinical setting or in a school setting. Every hospital and school in America has counselors available for all students and patients. Private settings can include psychologist, psychiatrist and therapist positions that he might choose as his career path.


The alcohol, drug abuse and addiction counseling area is also great career path that is continuously in demand. These counselors can also be found in a hospital setting, a private setting, and rehabilitation facilities. The counselor focusing on people with addiction issues helps them build self respect and new skills in self care and guides them so they are able to resist the craving for the addictive substance. The addiction counselor can teach and guide people to change the people they associate with to change the path of their life.


S/he can offer words of wisdom as well as other resources to help and assist the patient to overcome the problem. S/he might choose to not only offer guidance to an individual who has an addiction but also to the family of the individual as well. Family counseling for those with addictions can be very rewarding and very fulfilling.


Trying to determine which mental health path to take can be an easy task. A person who feels s/he can offer more help to a younger person, may choose to work with children. Children often need counseling for child abuse, bullying, loss of a parent, temper issues and even drugs and alcohol. They need to be counseled on a different level than an adult in order to guide them more efficiently. If the aspiring mental health professional doesn’t feel attuned to children and that s/he would be more effective working with adults, s/he can choose a mental health career path working strictly with adults.