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The Rhythm of Life: On Achieving Balance

Submitted by on December 5, 2013 – 6:50 PM 2 Comments

running-sunset_feIs it not odd? In this strange medley of life as we move along the paths which we have defined for ourselves in pursuit of happiness and serenity, we ultimately end up losing precisely what all we have been running after. Our chaotic lives are crying out for a little order and simplicity, a balance that does not stifle the greatness of human spirit and brings out the best in us.

I entered medical school, feeling happy to the core. Soon however, stifling peer pressures and cut-throat competition started weighing in on my euphoric state. I stayed forever worried about researches my peers were doing .Almost everyone had a publication by the end of second year and here I was ,still unpublished and unknown, with a handful of unfinished research articles and incomplete data .My hair fall was getting from bad to worse and my scanty neurons were perpetually exhausted.

I realized that this cocoon of anxiety I had spun round myself was holding me back from even the least I was capable of accomplishing. It was during this time that I read upon an article by Paulo Coelho, titled “Rhythm on the Road”. It was an account of a pilgrim’s journey on the road to Santiago and described how essential it is to follow one’s own rhythm while pursuing anything in life, be it a goal or a destination.

To quote, “At the start of my pilgrimage, I tried to keep up with my group, but I got tired. I was demanding too much of my body. I was tense all the time and I ended up straining the tendons in my left foot. I couldn’t walk for two days, and I realized that I would only reach Santiago if I obeyed my own rhythm.”

Bingo! Here was the answer to my constant bickering. I was defying my own rhythm in trying to keep up with everyone and I was losing myself in the process. Rhythm is what we see all around us, as the day swiftly follows into the night, as our heart beats in perfect synchrony! Rhythm is what defines nature and is probably the only reason why this world is so immaculate and perfect in its beauty.

Every speck in this universe has a rhythm of its own and the same applies to each one of us. In fact this is what confers individuality to every person; this remarkable tendency to be different from others, a different musical note to live by in life! The rhythm of life is the perfect combination of rest, activity, and pace; it enables us to excel in all that we do, and empowers us with a certain clarity of mind and peace of heart.

I feel so peaceful and content, now that I know what exactly I should demand of my mind and body. I try and do whatever lies in my capacity and I am more acceptable to the fact that not everyone can do everything. Rather everyone can accomplish something I believe. Exam stress doesn’t’ overwhelm me anymore since I know I have put in every iota of possible effort and hard work. Competing with others only looked healthy and ambitious enough till high school. Now is the time to compete with one’s own self, to try and become a better person with each passing day. I love writing and I am truly happy to be writing this piece, even though I know it would get little recognition or may be none in proportion to a manuscript .This moment right now, over here, is very special to me even if it sounds insignificant or tiny. I obey my own rhythm.

Find your rhythm! And flood your life with creativity, and energy.
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  • Maheen Naeem

    Simply Superb!!

  • E.F.Qadri

    This is very nice.n i can totally relate to it..however i get to learn this in my fourth yr…evryone is going to do thier part of wonderful.things at the time best for them..competition is a a childish n futile at this level