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Exorcism – A Reality in Clinical Medicine?

Submitted by on December 11, 2013 – 6:38 PM

exoI know that simply the title of my blog may stimulate adrenaline rush in milieu interieur of many including my colleagues. I want to clarify that my whole and sole purpose of writing this blog is to express my views as a student on relevance of exorcism in clinical medicine. I am open to positive criticism from my respected colleagues and would warmly welcome the feedback.

Reality and Perception

Our brain is designed intricately to perceive the different forms external stimuli by different receptors e.g., Pacinian corpuscle, Meissner corpuscle, Merkel disc, etc. They receive an external stimuli and by using a neuronal pathway and then relay it to a designated part of the brain specialized to perceive and interpret the given external stimulus. This is the same as a thermostat in an air conditioner which senses changes in the room temperature and then act accordingly. We all know that ‘running amok’ of a thermostat in an air conditioner leads to failure of room temperature regulation. Have we ever pondered upon what would happen if neuronal circuits in the brain ‘run amok’?


Reality and Humoral Factors

Our neuronal circuits use certain humoral factors namely hormones such as dopamine, serotonin, etc. These humoral factors transmit the external stimulus in the form of chemicals to the designated part of brain. This is the same as electron flow in a gate in thermostat controls the activity of air conditioner. We all know what would happen if there be an increase or decrease of electron flow in a gate of a thermostat of an air conditioner. Have we ever pondered upon what would happen if there were an increase or decrease of these humoral factors in neuronal circuits of brain?


Reality and Management

Every problem is encountered first by understanding the basic mechanisms. If we fail to understand the gravity of a situation and respond absurdly then we are bound to fail no matter how hard we try. We all understand the basic mechanism of different groups of medications used to treat signs and symptoms of different psychiatric conditions. The same way an electrician first tries to contemplate on the etiology of failure of room temperature regulation in an air conditioner. Have we ever pondered what would happen if one starts to treat malfunctioning of neuronal circuits in brain without understanding the basic intricate mechanisms?


I would like to end by saying that sand (silica) can even be used to develop computer chip or it can also be used to build castles. It is up to the brain how we perceive the reality. The brain cannot understand what it does not know.



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