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Snoring in children – Are there reasons to be worried?

Submitted by on December 19, 2013 – 4:08 AM

Snoring is something that is very common. It happens in men, women and even children. But one cannot help wondering if it is okay for children to snore. This article will shed more light on snoring in children. I would recommend you to read these following points

Why kids snore

A kid snores when there is some kind of a blockage in the airflow through his nose and throat. The vibrating sound that you hear is made by some structures that rub against each other while a child breathes. Studies show that roughly, ten percent of the kids snore and there are different reasons for it.

Colds, flu and allergies- the most common reason behind snoring in children is the presence these respiratory infections. It happens when the child’s nose is stuffed up with mucus and there is blockage in the airway. Allergies also cause congestion, which is another cause of snoring in children.

Tonsils- tonsils guard and protect your child from getting infections by trapping viruses and bacteria. When this happens, they get infected and get swollen. The swollen tonsils cause an obstruction in the airflow which leads to snoring.

Obstructive sleep apnea- if you notice that your child snores loudly, and the snoring is interrupted by pauses in breathing, your child could be suffering from a serious ailment called the sleep apnea. These pauses can last for more than ten seconds and it can be dangerous. It also wakes up your child therefore making him grumpy, experience tiredness and fatigue, difficulty in concentrating, headaches and even growth problems. The main cause for this condition is being overweight. To find out if your child has this condition or not, he will have to be stay overnight in a sleep lab.


These are some points that you can follow but if the problem persists, you should get the child checked by a pediatrician. Some of the solutions that you and your pediatrician might want to consider are-

Place a pillow under your baby’s mattress, if he doesn’t use a pillow. If it is a bigger child, put another pillow beneath his head. When the head is elevated, it relieves congestion and it clears up his breathing passage which will reduce the snoring.

You should make sure that all allergy inducing elements are kept away from your child. If the problem still persists, try some anti allergy medicines that are prescribed by your doctor. Once the allergy gets better, the congestion will decrease and so will the snoring.

You should ask your doctor to examine your child’s tonsils. If they are enlarged, it means that they are infected. The doctor might suggest surgically removing the tonsils. This will result in reduction in snoring and your child will be able to enjoy a peaceful sleep at night.

Always remember that it is best to consult a doctor in case the problem persists. A sleep specialist can also be consulted in case the snoring does not subside.

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