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Give Blood, Give Life

Submitted by on March 10, 2014 – 10:04 PM

rb043_A_Life_In_Abstract_Colours_front_bigThere is this amazing part to being a human, the ability to share and to give of yourself. The mere realization that whatever we have, we are meant to share it with those who do not; amazing, is it not?

I can still recall fondly, that bright sunny day around 18 years back, when I gave away my just bought and much loved tangerine packet of chips to a poor little girl sitting on the sidewalk outside the goody shop. I remember her lovely smile.

The same indescribably warm feeling surged through me as I lay on the bed in the Blood bank the other day. I could hardly control all those feel-good endorphins as they flooded my brain while rivulets of blood happily left my veins to enter the blood bag hanging through a thin long tube. I had never felt so good, ever before. Trust me, that priceless feeling was so fulfilling that it made me fathom the true meaning of ‘giving’ and for once in a very long time, I felt I had a purpose in life, however how small it may be.

The entire process of donating blood merely took half an hour but that small fragment of time left me feeling happy to the core. It was more like the bag was sucking out all my negative energies too ,along with the blood !

While I can go on writing pages and pages about how I felt that day, I’d rather sound not too preachy and be succinct. Every bag of low risk safe donated blood can contribute towards saving 3-4 lives. Not just that, it is also highly beneficial to the donor in terms of cardiovascular health.

Your health is a blessing, value it. I took my health for granted too, until I saw children suffering from Thalassaemia , a blood disorder  wherein the blood cells make less or abnormal blood. Thalasaemmia sufferers require regular blood transfusions and iron chelation therapies to merely survive. Its not easy, being poked by needles and sustaining multiple bruises on your skin, simply for the sake of attaining blood in order to live. Something that comes so easy to us, can be so tough for someone out there.

Being healthy isn’t easy either; it comes with this great responsibility to give away some part of your self. Are you willing to take the responsibility?

It is more blessed to give than to receive, indeed.


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