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Why Is Medical Negligence Rising?

Submitted by on March 16, 2014 – 12:05 PM

Medical Negligence

The term ‘medical negligence’ is becoming an all too familiar word spoken by people. In general medical negligence is an act committed by a health care worker or professional that has fell below the standard expected in the health care community that has caused injury or fatality but could have been avoided.

Latest Statistics

It has been revealed the bill for medical negligence will cost the NHS 22billion which was reported July of last year. An overall rise of 11 per cent on the previous year which is causing great concern all-round. Some pay outs of compensation came to a staggering 5 million pounds and it is said that most of the costs result from babies being devastating left brain damaged due to negligence at the time of birth and due to ever expanding technology the life span of disabled children is being prolonged so the cost of care is increased.  From 2012 to 2013 total number 16,006 patience claimed medical negligence against the NHS compared with 13,517 the year before. Almost one fifth of the health service’s budget is put aside to deal with such cases, money that is largely needed in many areas of the health service. If you believe that you have been a victim of medical negligence and have received care which has resulted in an injury you can make medical negligence claims by

In recent times there have been numerous huge scandals that have severely effected the reputation of the NHS not just the budget. Which is discouraging for the NHS themselves as the majority of the medical professionals dedicate a lot of their life to helping patience not injuring them through negligence. Mid Staffordshire Foundation trust saw a major scandal were up to 1,200 patients died wrongly and the NHS paid out 1.2million to 120 victims. 14 hospitals were investigated for having the highest death rates in the UK having paid out a total of 234 million to affected families. In 2009 Tameside and East Lancashire hospitals were accused of sub slandered and poor care when it came to looking after their patients and made a pay out an astonishing 30 million to each victim.

Why Such A Rise In Medical Negligence?

Many say it is due to the rise is to the ‘claim culture’ or ‘compensation culture’. Since the economic down turn or crisis more and more people are looking for ways to make money and suing people or organisations seems the most likely way. Solicitors offering ‘no win no fee’ agreements have a large role to play some suggest as such solicitor companies are popping up in all areas especially areas of poverty and offering to represent people and only receiving payment if the case is won. Two thirds of all compensation moneys goes on solicitor fees and figures from 2011 to 2012 show that five law firm in the UK relieved 35 million for costs from medical negligence cases. A lot more profit than they would see with many other cases they may take on. The NHS hospitals are some of the best in the world.

On a more serious note moving away from ambulance chases and claim farmers baby’s, children and adults are receiving care that is causing them harm and in the 21st century with new technology, medical advances and well experienced medical professionals this should no longer be an issue many of the cases to do with medical negligence are serious, cause great harm and suffering.

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