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Medical School Blues: Battling with Pre-Exam Stress and Depression

Submitted by on August 9, 2014 – 4:39 PM

deal-pre-exam-stress-1Depression is becoming the leading cause of death with the passage of time and according to some pharmaceutical companies, depression drugs are the highest sellers globally. Fortunately it can be a curable disease and antidepressant drugs play a major role in recovery. People with depression may experience a lack of interest and pleasure in daily activities, significant weight loss or gain, insomnia or excessive sleeping, lack of energy, inability to concentrate, feelings of worthlessness or excessive guilt and recurrent thoughts of death or suicide.
I am a final year student and have struggled with depression in the past, although it is now well controlled but that’s not because of medication. Depression during the exams can be a natural thing for students but it can be reduced by our struggle and working hard. Our depression status is due to our level of studying and preparation for the exams. It has been noticed many times in many students who work hard throughout the whole year that their depression level as compared to others are very low.


Now we can say that the only thing that reduces our depression during exams is our struggle and sincerity to our studies. Here are a few tips that I would like to share with my fellows which can be helpful in preventing depression.
1- Try to make your studies more interesting by watching medical lectures and animated videos.
2- Make a group for discussion and discuss with each other like a puzzle game by cross questioning your group mates.
3- Make a schedule for the whole month or week and try to follow it properly.
4- Arrange a day for a discussion with your seniors as seniors know more than you do and they are helpful for giving exams tips.
5-Take some time to write some problems up, or you could ask from your teachers.
6- Always be sincere to your studies. If an extracurricular activity gets in the way of your studying, tell the person in charge of that certain event that you will not be able to attend that event, or you will have to leave early.
7- Develop an exercise or sports program on daily basis as exercise also promotes a healthy weight and higher self-esteem, which can also be helpful in preventing depression.
8- Last but not the least avoid smoking, alcohol and any kind of dependency drugs as it would destroy your learning ability.

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