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Understanding Binge Eating Disorder

Submitted by on October 13, 2014 – 9:01 PM

cookie-monsterBinge eating disorder is a serious condition characterized by uncontrollable or compulsive overeating in which people consume huge amounts of food resulting in weight gain.Signs and symptoms of binge eating disorder are: eating unusually large amounts of food, eating more rapidly than normal, eating until you are uncomfortably full, feeling disgusted with oneself.



Also frequently dieting, possibly without weight loss, losing and gaining weight repeatedly, also called yo-yo dieting,depressed, or guilty after overeating, frequently eating alone, eating when not physically hungry, feeling that your eating behavior is out of control, experiencing depression and anxiety are among the rest.Causes of binge eating and compulsive overeating includes Biological causes For example, the hypothalamus may not be sending correct messages about hunger and fullness, genetic mutation that appears to cause food addiction,low levels of the brain chemical serotonin also play a role in compulsive eating.



Social and cultural causes includes social pressure to be thin can add to the shame binge eaters feel and fuel their emotional eating and Psychological causes of binge eating disorder in which binge eaters are either depressed or have been before; others may have trouble with impulse control and managing and expressing their feelings. Low self-esteem, loneliness, and body dissatisfaction may also contribute to binge eating.The health risks of binge eating disorder are most commonly those associated with clinical obesity. Some of the potential health consequences of binge eating disorder include high blood pressure,high cholesterol levels,heart disease,diabetes mellitus,gallbladder disease,musculoskeletal problems.


To diagnose an eating disorder, your doctor may recommend a physical examination,blood and urine tests, a psychological evaluation, including discussion of your eating habits.Your doctor may want you to have buy kamagra online other tests to check for health consequences of binge-eating disorder, such as heart problems or gallbladder disease.


Medications that have been found to be effective in reducing the number and amount of binge episodes in binge eating disorder include topiramate (Topamax) which is used to treat seizures, as well as serotonergic (SSRI) medications that treat anxiety or depression,likefluoxetine , sertraline , paroxetine , citalopram, and escitalopram . Sibutramine is an appetite suppressant that has been found to help decrease binge eating and enhance weight loss.


Some complementary and alternative therapies include massage and therapeutic touch (reduce anxiety), mind-body therapies such as meditation, yoga, biofeedback and hypnosis promotes a sense of well-being and relaxation.Cognitive-behavioral therapy focuses on the dysfunctional thoughts and behaviors involved in binge eating.



Cognitive-behavioral therapy for binge eating disorder also involves education about nutrition, healthy weight loss, and relaxation techniques,interpersonal psychotherapy focuses on the relationship problems and interpersonal issues that contribute to compulsive eating. Dialectical behavior therapy combines cognitive-behavioral techniques with mindful meditation. The emphasis of therapy is on teaching binge eaters how to accept themselves, tolerate stress better, and regulate their emotions.




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