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The Deleterious Effects of Mobile Phone Radiations

Submitted by on November 2, 2014 – 9:06 PM

imagesReport shows that there are currently more than three billion mobile phone users worldwide. Mobile phone usage has rapidly snowballed in the 21st century, making them an essential part of the telecommunication system. In consequence to this, the need for proper scrutiny and understanding of the effects of mobile phone radiation on our health is highly called for.Mobile phones transmit a group of electromagnetic waves called radio waves.


Radio waves or radiofrequency waves are waves of the electromagnetic spectrum, which have a low frequency and a long wavelength. Communications through mobile phones are made effective through the transmission of radio waves. Parts of the radio waves transmitted by mobile phones are absorbed as energy into the body.The rate at which this energy is absorbed by our body is measured by the specific absorption rate (SAR).


Its unit is the watt per kilogram (W/Kg). Recent scientific study and research have come up with results that continuous exposures to mobile phone radiations pose potential risks to our health ranging from mild to severe.One major potential risk posed to continuous exposures to mobile phone radiations is cancer. Cancer is simply, uncontrolled numerous growth of cells. It usually occurs when old cells refuse to die, turning them from once good cells to bad cells.


In recent years, the relationship between cancer and mobile phone radiations has been studied scientifically and researched upon.The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)in the year 2011, classified mobile phone radiations under group 2B-possibly carcinogenic. This implies that mobile phone radiation could possibly cause cancer.In corroboration with this, there are cases of young women who develop breast cancer as a result of continuous exposures of the affected parts to mobile phone radiations for a long period.


A young lady who was diagnosed of breast cancer gave a very fascinating story. According to her, she used to tuck in her mobile phone in the left side of her bra almost all the time. She kept on doing this until she noticed a lump in her breast. She immediately reported to her radiologist.After diagnosis, she found out that she had breast cancer. She then went on to say that the area where the cancer was found was the same area where she used to tuck her phone in her bra, and the box that the radiologist drew was the same size as her Blackberry phone.


Oncologists have recently reported that the rate at which young ladies are being diagnosed of breast cancer is rapidly increasing and that a majority of these ladies have reported that the area where their breast cancer appears to be is the same area where they used to tuck their phones into their bras. Also,a recent study by French scientists shows that the risk of brain cancer tripled in people who use their mobile phones above 15 hours per month.


Other potential health risks posed through mobile phone radiation apart from the cancerous risks are not too pronounced. They range from inflammatory sensations, itches, fatigue, sleep deprivations, fainting spells, temporary amnesia, headaches and irregular heartbeats to disturbances of the alimentary canal and fertility problems.Given the dangers posed to health through mobile phone radiations, there is a need to follow precautions to reduce the body’s exposure to mobile phone radiation.


We should try as much as possible to reduce our dependence on mobile phones as they are becoming a pandemic issue.We should also try as much as possible to stay at least an inch away from our mobile phones during usage. Those with near-sightedness should get eyeglasses to ease their vision- bringing mobile phones closer to one’s eyes increase the risk of cataracts. We should also buy phones with low specific absorption rates-phones with less radiation.


Eating good food is also a key to preventing these potential dangers. We should learn to eat fruits and vegetables in addition to drinking adequate amount of water each day.Nevertheless, the fact that mobile phone radiations are dangerous to our health is still at a tentative conclusion. There have been scientific research and studies contradicting and opposing one another as to whether or not mobile phone radiations are dangerous, as science is still to arrive at a decisive conclusion.


This is the sole reason why I am using the phrase “potential dangers” in my essay topic. Therefore, I will seize this opportunity to encourage researchers and scientist to carry out more intensive researches and studies in order to get a final conclusion pertaining to whether or not mobile phone radiations are dangerous as this is an issue not to be reckoned without.For now, let us acknowledge the potential dangers of mobile phone radiations and work towards preventing them. Of course, prevention is better than cure.


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About the Author: Igbe Silas Oghenetega, is a medical student at Ambrose Alli University, Nigeria. He can be reached at [email protected]

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