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Checklist to Success: Tick it or Skip it!

Submitted by on November 19, 2014 – 6:56 PM

Man on top of mountainWe all want success in our field of work, in our walk of life. In Medical Sciences, the fight for success gets pretty brutal because we are continuously pushed, shoved, pulled and sometimes even bitten by the teeth of fate. We are tested in every aspect; be it physical (having to appear at bizarre times at bizarre places), mentally (the infinite sea of knowledge we are routinely drowned in), socially (having to sacrifice the only life we enjoy) and emotionally (having to get up again and again when failure brings us down on our knees).


But a time comes when you’ve had enough of it. You can’t bear it anymore and everything inside you just explodes and you want to scream out and forget the whole medical mess. That’s a momentary breakdown we all have. It was one of those breakdowns that I decided to come up with a check list. I’m the type of person who likes to categorize everything and manage it in lists and schedules that I can control.


So here it is; the checklist to success. I dare you to really think and ask yourselves the questions before mindlessly ticking all the points and in the end deny the outcome. It’s not only for Medical students. I think this list can be applied to every line of study.


I think the following five things stand between you and success. Some of these pull you away and some pulls you towards the goal you so ardently wish to achieve. So here we go:
1)      Circle of friends:
Admit it. Your failures and successes are judged on the basis of the company you keep. Your fellow friends who walk with you through this tough path are the ones determining how easy the journey is. Some of us might be denial of how our friends pull us back from success because we don’t want to jeopardize our relationships for something materialistic. Well, that’s just a sad thought. Keep the company of people who do more to motivate you than distract you. The sad thing is most people don’t really bother because they’re in too deep to back away from clinging relationships. Break it off people! Or it’ll break you off some day.


2)      Motivations:
Mark this, you can never ever overcome an adversity without a motivation pushing you. I always study promising myself little treats afterwards. I always smile after a rotten exam knowing something better awaits me at home. You have to have a personal motivation which pushes your limits and challenges you to take bigger risks and fight fervently for success. Find your motivation! It has to be around because no one’s stone-hearted!


3)      Distractions:
Facebook is the first one coming to mind. Whats app. Twitter. Instagram. Tumblr. All the bunch of irrelevant (this fact can be debated viciously!) social networking that’s doing more to waste your time than being of use. Okay, stop the roar of protest. Yes. Smart people find the way of turning this lot of distraction to motivation. I applaud them. But superficially speaking, don’t waste your time having so-called fun chatting up and giggling at lousy posts telling you nothing you don’t already know. Yes, they tell you the same thing you secretly find funny. Ha-ha. Move on. A man shrewd enough to acknowledge and avoid his distraction is the one who claims success. Can you control your distractions?


4)      Time Management:
This is technically the most important one. Some people have everything, the right motivation, keen interest and no distractions and they still seem to fail surprisingly. Discover that inner clock inside you that ticks with your brain. Plan everything. Stick to your plan. Aim and study. If your will is weak and flexible that you can’t follow your schedules then I’m sorry to break this to you that you don’t get to eat out of the lustrous plate of success without the deglutination reflex. Yes, you read it right. Time management is like the deglutination reflex. You nail it and you slip out of rough path of exams smoothly, don’t master it and you would be choking up on exam day. Think about it.


5)      Interest:
This all would be useless if you don’t have the mounting personal interest in what you study, in what you do. It’s sad if you don’t. Meaning, no one can help you if you don’t. It means you were pushed in a direction that wasn’t ever yours. Develop a passion for what you study, love what you do and take your disinterest as a challenge to over come by hook or crook. If that magical spark of passion is not there, if you’re not charged up and eager to learn about your field then everything you just read above was a wasted effort.


So there they were. The five mindsets between you and success. Think about it all and if you fail once again, then close your eyes and ask yourself what you’re missing; what is it that you’re denying? You’ll get the answer. Trust me, you would. It’s all about determination.


I’ll quote a cliché saying but it’s too right to state:
“Success is not final, failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue what counts.”

Winston Churchill


About the Author: Zoya Ziad is a 3rd year MBBS student at Dow Medical College, Pakistan. She looks forward to specializing in the field of Dermatology. Zoya is an avid reader with a passion for writing. She can be reached at [email protected]

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