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Hold Still and Let the Healing Begin

Submitted by on July 30, 2015 – 1:08 AM

imagesEntering medical school and admiring every aspect of it. A moment you had dreamt of , the joy of achieving the biggest aim of your life.It’s a priceless feeling, indeed.The journey of medical school begins and the fame of you becoming a doctor goes viral in the family.


Wearing the white coat and heading for your orientation class  with basic sciences books in your bag.The excited feeling of becoming a doctor attains its highest peak when we enter the hospital premises, when even, administering  injections  seem fascinating.  The journey which  we thought will be full of amazing colors is just one side of the picture .


However, when the roller coaster ride is filled  with tough and lengthy course modules followed by overbearing semester examinations, the colours start to fade. Things seem to loose their charm in the midst of tiring and difficult days . The energy in our nerves gets lowered and the proverbial “depressive phase of medical school’ starts overpowering the desire to serve humanity. Completing never ending chores , trying to be social and making tireless efforts to be at good at every aspect of life and going through extremely busy schedules, makes one agitated.


Surrounded by competitive future doctors engaged in different stuff; planning for electives, doing researches  and  working hard  to improve the curriculum vitae. All of this makes it difficult to revisit the core of the profession within yourself, that is:  to help others.


Then comes a state where we have to strengthen ourselves and learn to smile,even when faced with adversity. Sometimes somewhere, there comes a point when we get tired, when we badly want to take a break. It is okay to take rest at such times in order to regain our energy.


I want to highlight that whenever you feel tired, try to find out the beauty in this medical profession. In the hustle and bustle of life , look at your day closely , try to figure out what is happening around, look closely  into the eyes of people who are wearily tired and are suffering from a number of problems like poverty and disease .


Look at their pain and suffering and try to feel the misery, closely observe the things happening around –when the  patient lying on the bed is  fighting for life, when you walk in the hospital premises and the glimpse of those online pharmacy helpless souls who see you with such hope, when a 10 year old girl abruptly stops walking, when a 5 month old boy is diagnosed with thalassemia,  when we see death so closely , when a  patient looks in your eyes , when you are the cause of  a smile on their face,  look into their eyes that are  filled  with sadness but lighten up with hope when they see a doctor by their bedside, they see you as a gift from God and give you the highest priority .


That is the biggest stimuli I think, they live by their hopes and we are their hope. Don’t let the light of  hope vanish from  their life  by taking the profession and your duties for granted. Alert  yourself that you should not be captured in the whims and fancies of wealth and the lust of fame should not make you an insensitive person.  Just remember that the profession you are in, requires patience.


To see the ill patient free from disease is the biggest happiness in the world ,  but sometimes we come across situations when the patient comes with an incurable illness; experiencing the death of a patient in an operation theater or in the labour room, the uncontrollable feeling of incapability  is all over us  , but we as professionals, must also learn that these catastrophes, are a part of life. Do express your sorrow, keep empathy in your heart but compose yourself and return to the life you live.




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