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Rabies: Fatal yet Avoidable

Submitted by on November 21, 2015 – 8:25 PM 2 Comments

disease-healthRabies, a viral disease caused by the bite or scratch of a Rabid animal, is 100% preventable. It is similar to a death sentence if left untreated. Majority of the deaths attributable to Rabies occur in our part of the world.

It is also known as “Hydrophobia” because the patient develops an intense fear of water.What prompts me to share some information about Rabies is a heart touching  real life incident of a small village child, who fell victim to this lethal disease.



Salim was an apple of his parent’s eyes since he was the first male child in the family. His laughter used to reverberate in the whole neighborhood. One day he got bitten by a stray dog. Terrified, he was unable to tell his parents about the accident and developed flu like symptoms which nobody bothered to notice. Until the life threatening symptoms developed, it was too late to be shifted to any nearby hospital and he died due to shear negligence.



Rabies is more common in the village areas; it is also referred as the “Neglected disease of the poor population” where vaccines and antibodies are not readily available to offer treatment.



Following are some of the ways that can be employed in order to prevent this fatal yet avoidable disease.

  • Avoid contact with the animals you don’t know.
  • Pre-exposure vaccination should be done of all the high risk individuals including laboratory workers, zoo keepers, travelers who spend time in the rural areas, Veterenarians and others who work closely with pets.
  • Call or visit the nearby health care center in case of any serious bite from stray animal.
  • Wash the wound immediately with Soap and Water thoroughly after the contact.
  • Vaccinate the domestic animals.


Although research is being carried out to cure the the late stages of Rabies, no definite treatment is available once the furious symptoms develops.


Please feel free to share any update on the disease.
Stay aware and Stay Healthy.

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  • myda tahir

    Thanks for hosting my post.
    Dr.Myda Tahir

  • askhan65

    Hello every one.

    It is very encouraging to see this blog about Rabies. We all need to talk about eradication of this disease by observing our civic duties.

    Let me share some of my experiences here. I have seen plenty of Rabies victims in Pakistan and believe me, it is not easy to face them as physicians. When you see someone showing first sign of the disease and you know that the game is already over. Nothing can be done to prevent death.

    Most victims age around 15 years as they commonly hide a bog bite, and so not much could be done for them.

    Pakistan has an estimated burden of death around 5000 every year due to Rabies. Most deaths are horrible.

    The dog bite is more common than we think. People with dog bite should be treated by experienced physician in preferably tertiary care hospitals where both vaccine and Immunoglobulins are available.

    Immunoglobulins are necessary in cases or big bites labeled as category 3 wounds as it gives immediate protection till the vaccines kicks in producing bodies own immunoglobulins.

    Stray dog control, vaccinating the pets and avoiding contact with wild animals are come ways to avoid rabies.