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On the Road to Healing Hearts and Lives – The Heart-felt Story of a Heart

Submitted by on January 11, 2016 – 8:32 PM

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn certain cases, words cannot be truer than those of Elizabeth Blackwell:

‘The idea of winning a doctor’s degree gradually assumed the aspect of a great moral struggle, and the moral fight possessed immense attraction for me.’

We humans are usually fond of listening to stories, either real lifetales or fictional ones but the idea takes away its charisma when it arises from scripting one’s own life in the formulating of a story. Not because constituting one’s life in lyrics is that much problematic but even composing one’s life is really that much challenging. Being a future doctor, inspiring others has been my sole interest until now. So I can self-importantly yield this challenge also.


I can’t pledge though whether it will be significant enough to have a few minutes of someone but it will be considered in thoughts for sure. Pakistan is among those developing countries where parents place special importance on their child to help him/her acquire finest education or to have the term doctor or engineer associated with their name. Such was the case of a girl among those people who have deep interest in health profession. She opened her eyes in infancy to the words that she will certainly become a great doctor one day. She belonged to a family where most people fit in the same category.


Rising up from that setting, she worked tirelessly the whole of her student life until Matriculation then to intermediary exams. During this, one night she experienced severely fast heart rate. At first it might have gone unnoticed, taken merely as the strain of studies or general weakness but unfortunately that was not the case. The first medical term she came to know about was SVT-Supra Ventricular Tachycardia.


The girl who was barely familiar with the shallow structure of the organ titled‘heart.’ Digesting this term was obviously hard for her. A student in grade ten is not sufficiently mature to identify with all this. With the passage of time, she often faced episodes of fast heartbeat, severe chest pain and perspiration.


Her concerned doctor explained that the condition is not life threatening but a lifelong burden. Ablation procedure – not open heart surgery – but a catheter injecting technique through a vein can cure this malady. Already worried parents decided to go for this option. She underwent this surgery twice due to partial recovery at 1st attempt but that was her fate. She accepted it and life went on.


Despite all such ups and downs, God never let her hard effort go in vain. That was the best part indeed. Then finally came a day when she had to pass through one more phase to see her dream fulfilled, the “medical school entrance test’. She was anxious, chaotic and all such terms were appropriate to describe that daring day.


She bowed in front God again. She was strong enough to tolerate the consequences in case of failure but the mere thought of her parents’ expectations from her threatened her much. She was a proud child and desired to be the same in future too.


The happiest moment of life, the never forgotten day when she finally achieved the biggest goal of her life. Eyes were filled with the tears, the tears of extreme cheerfulness and great pleasure. Currently, she has been blessed abundantly, and in the finishing year of her medical school, very near to the finishing point of her MBBS course. Not using the word destiny here seems right as she also envisions of becoming a cardiologist which might take three to four more years of her life. She is ready to go with it.


She can better feel the pain of a wildly beating heart so why not aid others facing the same condition. She is one grateful daughter and a proud member of the society today who aims of achieving highest place in this world and hereafter. At last, she would like to direct her obligations to those who paid attention to her own life story. Yes, I’m very thankful to you all as I’m not made, ‘Doctors are not made they are chosen’.


About the Author: Naila Asghar is a final year MBBS student at  Dow Medical College, Dow University Of Health Sciences, Pakistan. She has been volunteering at Patients’ Welfare Association, Civil Hospital, Karachi and wants to inspire people by her words and actions. She is very fond of reading and teaching and has been doing that in past years. Naila can be reached at [email protected].

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