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Results for the JPMS International Writing Contest 2015

Submitted by on April 17, 2016 – 8:39 PM One Comment

WinnersLogo_0_0The JPMS International Writing Contest returned in December 2015 to join in the winter festivities and bid farewell to another glorious year for JPMS. In keeping with the previous years’ trends, we received a heartwarming response and a host of excellent entries from Pakistan, India, United Kingdom, USA, India, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, and various other countries around the globe. We are thrilled and deeply indebted to our supporters for their tremendous support by way of the numerous submissions and website views.


The published entries were based on the themes of Challenges in Global Health/Public Health, Classic Papers in Medicine Literature, Medics and Print/Electronic Media, Social Media and Doctors, Medical Education, Evidence Based Medicine, Medical Students and Topics Related to Internal Medicine/General Surgery and Sub-specialities. Our dedicated editors short listed a total of 16 entries for the scoring by the honorable judges.


The shortlisting was based on the the rules and regulations of the contest where web statistics (as per Google analytics and WordPress) as well as the quality of content, clarity of voice and writing style was scored. The criteria used by our honorable judges to select the Top Ten entries was Originality and innovation, Quality of content, Focus and clarity, Organized, fluid writing style, Authenticity, strength and distinctness of voice. The scores given by the judges were totaled and the mean was used to select the final three winning entries. Based on the above mentioned process, the top ten contestants and the winning entries are as follows:




Congratulations to all those who made it to the Top Ten!


The top ten entries will be sent certificates and the top 3 contestants will also receive a cash prize each, as a token of appreciation. The contestants will be contacted via email within a fortnight about the details.



First position: Matters of Note: Psychological Impact of Exposure to Social Violence on Children

Second position: Organ Donation – Your Tryst with Immortality

Third positions: Down Syndrome: Genetically Enhanced with the 21st Chromosome with More Special Gifts than Needs

Play Therapy and Pediatrics – Discover More about Children in an Hour of Play than in a Year of Conversation

We are thankful to all the contestants for their participation, and to the audience for their viewership and support for JPMS Medical Blogs, which made this event a success. We are also thankful to the honorable judges for their valuable time. With hopes of making even greater contributions to matters of note in medicine, we will be back next year with the JPMS International Medical Writing Contest 2016!

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  • Tashaba Qaiser Faizi

    will jpms be conducting another contest for article writing this year ?