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Walking the Tight Rope: Happy Housekeeping ( or Not)

Submitted by on June 19, 2016 – 4:20 AM

shutterstock_1835772In developing countries such as Pakistan, when a female graduates from a university,  her family has lots of dreams for her. It is sadly thought that, girls with a medical degree in our society are  just those who spend extra time in studies just because there was nothing better for them to do, except for receiving an education.


Once a girl gets married, her life changes completely, her day starts in the kitchen and ends in satisfying the needs of her family. Very few of people in our society realize their career goals, aims and dreams.To be honest, 90% of them are the ones who face the same dilemma in their early days of marriage.


When a young lady gets married, everyone expects good things from her. Nobody thinks what a girl expects from the society. This is the bitter truth of our society that most of the females with professional degrees like doctors, pharmacists, bankers, or artist resign just to keep their in-laws happy and satisfied.


Moreover, it has been observed that whenever a professional married woman does a job, it seems there are some financial crisis in the family. No one understands her aim, career or passion after getting married. From Dawn to dusk, all she is trying is to maintain a balance in her family life, from cooking to doing laundry, from cleaning to feeding her children, all responsibilities come on one shoulder and after some years she realizes that she loses her professional identity in the society.


In addition, nowadays it has become a big reason for divorce in our society, as society puts so many barriers and restrictions in life. Marriage should not be the only purpose of her life. There are many other opportunities for her to explore.


Being a girl, I salute those families who welcome their daughter-in-law with all their thoughts and awareness of what one should expect from the society. They should need to have the freedom to reach their potentials in order to achieve their desired goals. After all, she is the role model, guide, inspiration, preceptor and motivator for the next generation and for the future of the country.



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