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Staying Connected: Latest Innovations in Medical Technology for Seniors

Submitted by on May 21, 2017 – 7:24 PM

Couple in home office with computer and paperwork smilingTechnology has been developing at a breakneck speed in recent years, and fortunately, it hasn’t left seniors behind. In fact, it’s been coming up with some amazing new gadgets designed to help seniors live more comfortably and happily, particularly with regards to assisted living arrangements. These advancements in technology allow for a better quality of life for seniors in care, as well as making it easier for caregivers to perform their supportive tasks.


For Keeping in Touch:


Seniors who live by themselves at home, or in the surroundings of a residential care facility naturally wish to keep in touch with their loved ones. By doing so, this provides added peace of mind to the supporting families that their relative is safe and well. It also allows them to communicate socially and share photos and videos. Telikin is a family computer that makes it simple for seniors to stay up-to-date with the people they love most. It incorporates chat programs, photo sharing and email domains into a single platform.


BeClose is another package that tracks a senior’s movements throughout the home or assisted living facility. The embedded wireless sensors sends out alerts whenever there are problems, which enables caregivers and family members to be easily kept abreast of how their beloved seniors are doing.


The GrandCare System is similar to BeClose, in that it uses wireless sensors to monitor seniors, but there’s also the option of being more interactive with them. That is, seniors and their loved ones can send messages back and forth, and they can even use it for entertainment. It’s practicality and fun all in one.


For a Little Extra Help:


Caregivers in assisted living facilities can also benefit from medical technology to help them look after the senior residents. There are many products on the market that assist with medication reminders or panic button alerts for instance.


Independa is designed to help caregivers provide assistance to seniors. It provides easy communication and quick alerts when seniors need something and offers solutions to the problems.


GreatCall Responder and MobileHelp work similarly in that a senior can push a button at any point if they feel unsafe or are experiencing a medical issue. The button calls certified response agents or operators who can then pass along the senior’s precise location within the care home to family members, caregivers, and, if necessary, 911 dispatchers. They’re small and easy to carry—all the better to fulfill their purpose.


Anytime a senior is required to take some medication, TabSafe is there to dispense it in safe doses. It’s contained in a cartridge that the seniors or anyone charged with caring for them can insert themselves.


TV Ears are an excellent choice of gadget when living in a communal environment. The days of having difficulty enjoying television can be long gone with this headset. Seniors who are hard of hearing can use it to reduce outside noise or chatter from fellow residents while making the sound on the TV clearer.


For Health and Fitness:


Many elderly people are becoming more savvy about the nutritional choices that they need to make in order to maintain a good standard of living. Food scanners such as Scio and Tellspec, indicate what exactly is in the food which is presented to them and allows them to make healthier food choices. A wearable fitness gadget such as the FitBit can also inspire and keep tabs on a senior’s exercise movements.


Looking Forward:


With all of this new technology, seniors can live comfortably and with all of their needs met much easier than ever before. Time will tell what new developments will provide for them as well.



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