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The Importance of Sex Education — Keeping Our Kids Safe!

Submitted by on August 23, 2017 – 10:16 AM

sex ed take 4Every single thought in this world has its own pros and cons. My claim to this world is: as long as any word or topic is considered taboo, the weight of its cons will be heavier!


If people aren’t talking about it, it means that they lack the confidence and courage to say it aloud to everyone, and unintentionally, they are thus instigating the core issue by refusing to speak out.


Why should we lack courage to talk about something which is a universal truth? ‘Everyone does it, nobody talks about it,’ is the justification we hear most commonly. Just because of the upsetting fact that we don’t talk about it, it branches out into various other issues.


Pakistani society is extraordinarily sensitive; owing to a lack of education, a lack of courage, a lack of senses to differentiate between right or wrong, people fall into hurdles. In actuality, this isn’t solely their mistake; if someone out there were to draw attention towards the issue, there would be no one to openly support their thoughts and their idea of promoting a topic which needs urgent highlighting.


The relevant issue in this article is none other than — the importance of sex education. This topic has two aspects to be discussed — two sides of the coin, both equally destructive.


Teenagers are scarcely informed about sexual health and contraceptive measures because sexual health education is still a cultural taboo. Every now and then, we hear stories of young girls getting themselves into trouble as a consequence of forgoing necessary precautions. The issue isn’t only rooted in what age are you and whether you should be doing it or not, it’s just a simple matter of fact that basic education about preliminary precautions, as well as the consequences you might be driven into if you don’t keep yourself aware about them, is crucially important.


Did you know that a recent study revealed that 2.25 million abortions have been conducted in Pakistan? Almost all of these abortions were clandestine, and the health and lives of these women were at risk. There were 50 abortions per 1000 women aged between 15 to 49.


You heartlessly take a life just because you were unaware of the consequences. If only these women had received an appropriate education in school, they would have known the dos and don’ts of this subject. Instead, we decided to stay quiet and let innocent lives taste the bitter reality of this world.


The other side of the coin is no less terrible: due to inadequate knowledge about the precautionary measures that are to be taken, teenagers and adults alike fall into pits of incurable diseases which drag them to death’s door. Yes, I’m talking about the death sentence itself — HIV. In other words, you’re only killing yourself slowly and gradually instead of taking it all at once. You claim your life yourself and also of the other person involved with you.


Therefore, paramount is the sex education in schools that allows students of an age to know why any harmful acts they step into can be disastrous for them. Every school should incorporate sex education in schools, and students shouldn’t be given any option to opt in or opt out the studies; it should be made mandatory for every student to learn and understand why it is said that there’s always a right time for everything, and if we try doing it before that time, it could turn out to be a bad idea for us.


And why make a big deal out of it? Why can’t it just be simple and acceptable to teach our kids about what it is right for them and what is not? Definitely, the teenage stage of their lives is the course of time when every little thing amazes and fascinates them, the curiosities are uplifted, the ‘I want to try everything’ attitude is ensuring a hand in ruining lives.


We avoid talking to our children about it with the thought that maybe a liberty or boldness in conversation to this extent might turn them to rebels, but why we don’t see that if something is openly shared with them from the beginning and they’re being told about the insides and outsides of it, the curiosity will soon be dead for them. Because it’s been addressed, there’s nothing left to dig into. When there’s curiosity, there’s a will, and when there’s a will, kids can pursue any way to fulfill that curiosity.


Engaging children of all genders and sexual orientations in positive models of consent, i.e. talking about consent from the perspective of intimacy and mutual pleasure can not only empower students to assert their sexual boundaries, but teach them a deep and meaningful respect for the boundaries of others.



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