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January 14, 2018 – 8:24 PM |

Merely passing in exams is not enough for students nowadays. Everyone wants to secure good grades, and so students preparing for an exam are often under a lot of pressure. Test anxiety is a common phenomenon …

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Dr Naeem Ud din Khattak is a free lance writer, interested in evolutionary biology and environment, with 15 research papers, published in national and international journals. He has also contributed to the national news papers on the subjects of education and ecology. He is a PhD in Environmental Microbiology from the Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing and is currently working as an associate professor in the Higher Education Dept. KP He can be reached at [email protected]

Engaging the Wandering Mind: Practicing Mindfulness

May 10, 2016 – 8:49 PM | One Comment
Engaging the Wandering Mind: Practicing  Mindfulness

Since times immemorial, humans have been subjected to mental and psychological suffering. As conscious beings, our minds constantly ruminate over events from the past and fears of the future. Within reasonable limits this mind-wandering is …