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JPMS BLOGS welcome contributions on medical sciences and healthcare issues. Our focus spans from the current medical literature to the healthcare issues pertaining to the common man. If you would like to join our team as an Editor or Contributor, then email your resume to [email protected] We welcome people from all walks of life who can write quality blogs on medical and social aspects.

All contributions should be original; should not have been published or copy pasted from elsewhere.

Contributions should not have any implication in terms of religion, politics etc.

Send your contributions to [email protected] or click here to submit them through the online system.

Summary of the General Policies of JPMS Medical Blogs:

  1. The purpose of blogs is to discuss the scientific content of medical research in a reader friendly manner.
  2. We request contributors to refrain from political statements and critique on government policies unless they can be substantiated by facts from peer-reviewed journals.
  3. Discussing religious aspects and personal beliefs is discouraged. Articles will be rejected for this reason.
  4. The JPMS Medical Blogs Admin has a similar policy of handling comments which will be posted in response to the blogs.
  5. All the contributions should not have been published or copy pasted from elsewhere. More than 20% plagiarism for the blogs, leads to automatic rejection of a blog. Failure to give a reasonable explanation, may lead to serious action against the author.
  6. The content published does not necessarily reflect the policies of JPMS Medical Blogs or its Staff/Team. Nor it reflects the policies of Journal of Pioneering Medical Sciences, unless mentioned.
  7.  The author is responsible for the accuracy of the content. If there is any concern or copyright issues, the email of the author is provided and he/she may be contacted directly.
  8. Advertisement/gibberish articles will not be entertained, unless written in an informative way. Back link may be allowed.
  9. Read the Policies and disclaimer for more information.