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1. Sponsored Articles/Posts
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Write an article advertising your product and publish it with JPMS Medical Blogs.

We have set a rate of US 50-100$ per article depending on its content
and out-link page rank. We also consider a deal of 520$ for 12 articles.

Note: We provide copy-editing and proof reading for the article in the
given rates. Articles will be online for at least 24 months. The content has to be approved before appearing online. A back link will be provided after approval from the JPMS.


2. Advertisements

Websites: Journal and the blog:


Sizes available: 

125 x 125

175 x 175

265 x 265

185 x 185

Custom banners/creatives.

Space available: 
2 x Middle Right Slider

1 x Head slider

1 x Left Slider

Rates: US 30$ for one month or US 50$ for two months for both the
website collectively.

Available space: A total of four Ads can be put online at a given time.

Why advertise with JPMS?

Website and impact: JPMS is heavily read online with page views exceeding 15000 per month from the medical community majorly. The website has google page rank of 5 and alexa ranking of 300,000-600,000. Every month, our page views have been increasing steadily. Its being tracked by 28 national and international indexation services and available at 35+ libraries of international universities across the globe. Moreover, research articles from JPMS have been published as news in more than 110 websites.


Social Media Impact: Our social media subscribers is 5000+ collectively over facebook, twitter, linkedin, RSS feeds, google plus pages. Social Media reach is over 600,000 over facebook.

Contact us:

To become our partner organization or conference, publishing conference proceeding, advertisement and sponsorship (both in the pages of the journal and the website), email us: [email protected]