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January 14, 2018 – 8:24 PM |

Merely passing in exams is not enough for students nowadays. Everyone wants to secure good grades, and so students preparing for an exam are often under a lot of pressure. Test anxiety is a common phenomenon …

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Nursing Practice in Pakistan: Holding aloft Professional Ideals through Thick and Thin

August 1, 2016 – 5:44 PM |

There is quite a bit of literature that critiques the profession of Nursing as a discipline essentially tied up with many other fields of study. It is widely considered that nursing knowledge is borrowed from …

In Focus: Depression in the Caregivers of Disabled Children

April 7, 2016 – 8:30 PM |

According to (Euro.who.int, 2015) “ Depression is a common mental disorder, characterized by sadness, loss of interest or pleasure, feelings of guilt or low self-worth, disturbed sleep or appetite, feelings of tiredness and poor concentration.” …

In Pursuit of Equity: Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights of Women

February 10, 2016 – 10:24 PM |

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) include every individual’s right to decide for their sexual well-being and reproduction without any discrimination, violence, and compulsion. Moreover, SRHR ensure an individual’s ability to choose whether, when, …

Influencing Behavioral Change – A Challenge in Family Health Practice

January 8, 2016 – 9:37 PM | One Comment

Prevention is of great significance in improving health of families and communities at every level of health services (CDC, 2014). In this regard, “behavior change” is a necessary aspect to look into, because it has …

Teenage Pregnancies: An Issue Calling for Closer Attention

December 21, 2015 – 8:54 PM | 10 Comments

Teenage is the period of transition from childhood to adulthood that in girls aids in   physical, functional and psycho-social development to prepare for motherhood. According to WHO, teenage pregnancy is the conception of an unplanned …

Pursuing Medical Education: The Tumultous Journey Before, Through and After Medical School

November 13, 2014 – 8:34 PM | 5 Comments

Medical education or more precisely an art of producing a doctor who knows the human body from head to toe; a nurse, who should have the knowledge of every cannula size that’s going to be …

Global Health Challenges and Solutions: An MPH Practicum in Panama

October 30, 2014 – 7:06 PM |

The biggest problem pertaining global and public health is definitely the lack of resources, to fight the multiple outbreaks destroying the poor population of the world. Today, we do have an unusual and exceptional upsurge …

Teaching Strategies: Using Feedback to Promote Learning

July 11, 2014 – 10:33 PM |

The decision to take up education practicum was a long awaited dream. I always wanted to and thought myself in an educator’s role. May be that I got inbuilt skills and an itch to convey …

Health Sector of Pakistan : Redefining Roles and Overcoming Challenges

April 29, 2014 – 1:01 AM |

The health sector plays an important role in any country’s economy. According to Pakistan economic survey 2006-07, “a healthy population is not only valued in its own right, but it also raises the human capital …

Medicine: A Whorl of Excitement, Demands and Challenges

October 20, 2013 – 11:24 PM |

It was her second day at medical school. She was nervous yet excited, and was cherishing the moments while walking through the corridors, along with other students, when she entered into a room with ten …

In Perspective: Challenges and Solutions Concerning Medical Education in Pakistan

September 30, 2013 – 11:24 PM |

Nobility, compassion, sympathy, communication skills and bedside manner, all qualities symbolizing a doctor in that crisp white coat, have been an inspiration for a long time, for a number of students  who are in the …

Pursuing Medicine in Pakistan: Challenges and Opportunities

September 11, 2013 – 7:10 PM |

We live in Pakistani Society. This is a very complicated term or perhaps this society is formed by a variety of highly-opinionated people. When it comes to science, they regard it as highly prestigious. And, …

Corruption in Health Sector of Pakistan: An Emerging Issue

September 2, 2013 – 11:34 PM |

Today, Pakistan is counted as the most under-supplied nation among developing countries. The crisis in supplies of basic needs is increasing day by day. We as a resident of Pakistan, often familiar with the word …