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January 14, 2018 – 8:24 PM |

Merely passing in exams is not enough for students nowadays. Everyone wants to secure good grades, and so students preparing for an exam are often under a lot of pressure. Test anxiety is a common phenomenon …

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Diabetes: What it is and what measures should be taken?

December 17, 2017 – 6:18 PM |

Diabetes mellitus is a group of metabolic disorders characterized by a common condition of hyperglycemia. Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease which develops early on in life while type 2 develops later on and …

Artificial Sweeteners—Are They Really Sweet?

January 9, 2017 – 5:08 AM |

Would you like to hazard a guess at one of the biggest struggles of a diabetic? It is, in fact, to refrain from sugary items. Now, however, with the development of such a wide variety …

What Is Adiponectin and How Does It Relate to Health Issues?

November 18, 2016 – 9:02 PM |

Obesity is big factor contributing to a variety of health conditions that range from high blood pressure to type 2 diabetes, cancer, and a spectrum of others potentially life-threatening problems. According to researchers, more than …

Gut Microbiota – A New Modifiable Risk Factor for Metabolic Disease

December 21, 2015 – 4:53 PM |

The human gut microbiota refers to the 100 trillion microbes that reside in the human colon. Not only are they astounding in their number, but also in their diversity – such is the variety in …

Working Wonders: Physical Activity for Diabetes Prevention and Management

December 6, 2015 – 6:04 PM |

Maintaining perfect health in today’s world is to some degree, a dream. Our wellbeing is affected by multiple factors, some of which may inevitably be overlooked. Presently diabetes mellitus, a chronic metabolic disease, has emerged …

In Focus: Treatment Options Available For Diabetic Nephropathy

April 25, 2015 – 10:29 PM |

Kimmelstiel–Wilson syndrome, or nodular diabetic glomerulosclerosis and intercapillary glomerulo nephritis, is a progressive kidney disease caused by is due to long standing diabetes mellitus, and is a prime indication for dialysis in angiopathy of capillaries in the kidney glomeruli. In many developed countries it is …

Factors Playing an Essential Role in the Progression of Advanced Kidney Disease

January 14, 2015 – 7:43 PM |

The kidney is one of the vital organs of the body. Diabetes mellitus (DM) and high blood pressure are among the major risk factorsfor kidney failure. Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is defined as an estimated …

Obesity and Diabetes: The Role of Bariatric Surgery in the Treatment of “Diabesity”

December 8, 2014 – 3:27 PM | One Comment

We are currently in the midst of two closely linked epidemics – Obesity & Diabetes. Diabetes type 2 or adult onset Diabetes accounts for 90% of cases of diabetes and is poised to become the …

Failing the Oath: When the Messiah Turns Away

November 4, 2014 – 7:21 PM |

I peeked over the edge to see the Waikato River flowing like a giant worm’s belly. The sun was out for the first time in weeks and blazing the skies, making you almost forget the …

Revolutionary Advances In The Field Of Diabetes

September 26, 2014 – 11:56 PM |

The term ‘Diabetes Mellitus’ means ‘sweet urine’. Commonly known as Diabetes, it is actually a kind of disorder characterized by high concentrations of blood glucose in the body as a result of insufficient insulin production …

In Perspective: Reasons for the Skyrocketing Rates of Childhood Obesity

June 3, 2014 – 8:42 PM |

Obesity is a problem that affects millions of people across the globe. Adult obesity has had a great deal of interest over the years, both in terms of its importance in the genesis of cardiovascular …

Mortality Due to Cardiovascular Diseases – Is Mediterranean Diet Helpful?

January 30, 2014 – 9:29 AM |

Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are the first major cause of death globally. According to World Health Organization, in 2008, 17.3 million people died of CVDs, representing about 30% of all the deaths occurring in the world …

Plastic Venom: Bisphenol A and its Possible Health Risks

November 28, 2013 – 4:40 PM |

Take a look around you and you will find innumerable products containing the hazardous compound Bisphenol A. You wake up in the morning, squeeze toothpaste on the toothbrush that contains Bisphenol A, get ready for …