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February 11, 2018 – 12:23 AM |

When we hear the word ‘anger’, people often construe it as a bad or immoral action — but anger is a normal human emotion. Yes, it becomes immoral or abnormal when it leads to aggression …

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Impact of Media on the Psychological Development of Children in Today’s World

January 28, 2018 – 4:32 AM |

Any means of communication through television, radio or newspaper is known as media (Dictionary.com, 2015), and communication through electronic ways or by using social networking websites is called social media (Webster, 2015).

Aggressive Behavior in Children: An Aftermath of Hostile Video Games

November 9, 2017 – 9:24 PM |
Aggressive Behavior in Children: An Aftermath of Hostile Video Games

In this day and age, it is common to witness harsh, hostile and intolerant activities among societies. The rise in ferocious and intolerant behavior in Pakistan has indeed become a source of delinquency; not even …

Medical Practice on Screen: The Other Side of the Picture

June 25, 2014 – 1:22 AM |

Media has the power to catch attention. Various researches establish that mass media shapes people’s ideas about health issues, and that entertainment plays a bigger and better role in this process than factual output. Particularly …

Mind over Matter: Is Your Gadget Better than Your Brain?

August 26, 2013 – 8:58 PM |

Nothing is wrong about the rapid growth of the electronic media, the internet and different types of modern gadgets. All of them are for the sake of human pleasure and comfort. But when those gadgets …