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February 11, 2018 – 12:23 AM |

When we hear the word ‘anger’, people often construe it as a bad or immoral action — but anger is a normal human emotion. Yes, it becomes immoral or abnormal when it leads to aggression …

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The Importance of Research Education in Medical School: Filling the Gaps

November 27, 2014 – 2:31 PM |

Most people don’t really understand the importance of research work while studying to become a doctor. Research can really widen the knowledge of a student who is currently studying the same things. The high quality …

Understanding the Essence of Evidence-Based Medicine

November 7, 2014 – 8:42 PM | One Comment

To begin with let’s first understand what  “Evidence-based medicine” means is the conscientious, explicit and judicious use of current best evidence in making decisions about the care of individual patients.”  Putting it in simple words …

Clinical Trials: Time for a Paradigm Shift?

January 18, 2014 – 7:01 PM |

Clinical trials are considered to be the most rigorous form of evidence and form the essence of the current evidence based health care. Given the randomized and double blinded nature of the most stringent of …

Medical Practice Variations – Evidence-based Solutions Pertaining to Public Health

September 3, 2013 – 8:49 PM |

Importance: Medical Practice Variation (MPV) refers to dispersion in practices of physicians in terms of hospitalizations, prescriptions, diagnostic procedures and medical-surgical interventions. There are several types of MPV: regional variations, small area variations, public and …

Functional: The Word that Works

August 21, 2013 – 5:06 PM |

“The Female Out Patient Department? That’s the functional side.”
These words were repeated over and over during my rotation in Medicine. To me, they seemed arrogant, chauvinistic and somewhat aloof and unsympathetic to a group that …

Practicing “Evidence” Amidst Fraudulent Research

March 26, 2013 – 10:13 PM |

The present era is of evidence based medicine. This evidence is derived from researches which prove which intervention is effective for a disease in question. Practicing medicine relies heavily on the untiring and incessant efforts …

Evidence Based Medicine – A Personal Opinion

August 30, 2012 – 11:21 PM | 8 Comments

The moment we take on an obligation and responsibility to care for and serve every individual; we have to bring a mastery of clinical skills and must understand the valid diagnostic evidence with patient’s expectations. …

Evidence Based Medicine and Psychiatry

August 27, 2012 – 9:04 PM | 3 Comments

Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) is rapidly becoming the mantra of modern clinical practice. The paradigm is making its impact on psychiatry as well, and one can see practitioners and journals attempting to reframe their approaches …