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February 11, 2018 – 12:23 AM |

When we hear the word ‘anger’, people often construe it as a bad or immoral action — but anger is a normal human emotion. Yes, it becomes immoral or abnormal when it leads to aggression …

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Causes and Symptoms of E. coli Intestinal Infection

March 12, 2017 – 5:36 PM |

Not all bacteria are harmful for our body; there are some good bacteria and some bad bacteria. E. coli is a type of bacteria commonly found inside the intestine of human beings as well as other …

Ascaris, Reproduction and Pakistan: Exploring the Links Within and Beyond

December 17, 2015 – 11:46 PM |

A study recently published in Science, one of the world’s leading research journals, states that infection with the roundworm known as Ascaris lumbricoides has the potential to enhance fertility in women. However, whereas roundworm infections …

Primary Amoebic Meningoencephalitis – Standing up against the Deadly Disease

November 13, 2014 – 7:53 PM |

Pakistan is fighting a silent battle against a deadly disease. A disease so powerful and fatal that it stands undefeated. Primary amoebic meningoencephalitis (PAM) that is caused by Naegleria fowleri has claimed more than 45 …

Essentials for Healthy Living: How to NOT Get Hepatitis C

March 17, 2014 – 6:33 PM |

Pakistan has the second highest cases of hepatitis C. Almost 4.8% of the population suffers from this easily preventable disease. And the worst part is; even with all the efforts being made to decrease hepatitis …