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May 21, 2017 – 7:24 PM |

Technology has been developing at a breakneck speed in recent years, and fortunately, it hasn’t left seniors behind. In fact, it’s been coming up with some amazing new gadgets designed to help seniors live more …

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The Danger of Unsafe Abortions: Their Causes and Complications

March 10, 2017 – 5:59 PM |

An unsafe abortion refers to an unhygienic or unhealthy abortion, performed by an unskilled or untrained birth attendant and involving inappropriate methods. According to World Health Organization (WHO) (2011), “An unsafe abortion is a procedure …

Revolutionary Advances In The Field Of Diabetes

September 26, 2014 – 11:56 PM |

The term ‘Diabetes Mellitus’ means ‘sweet urine’. Commonly known as Diabetes, it is actually a kind of disorder characterized by high concentrations of blood glucose in the body as a result of insufficient insulin production …

Ruptured Uterus : A Complication of Injudicious Oxytocin Usage

April 25, 2014 – 4:45 PM |

The beginning of final year welcomed us with one of the toughest clinical rotation of gynecology with late night labour room duties. Though students generally dislike it yet, there are maximum opportunities of facing the …

Global Health Challenges and Solutions – What can be Done and How?

August 14, 2013 – 7:47 PM | One Comment

Global health is an area for study, research and practice that places a priority on improving health and achieving health equity for all people worldwide. There is worldwide improvement in health. Increase in life expectancy …

Determinants of Maternal Mortality: A Thorn Remains in Our Side

July 8, 2013 – 8:35 PM | 3 Comments

Almost every woman in her reproductive life gets an opportunity to become pregnant, which is a normal healthy event, sometimes marred by complications which can be prevented mostly. Identification of determinants of maternal mortality (MM) …