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February 11, 2018 – 12:23 AM |

When we hear the word ‘anger’, people often construe it as a bad or immoral action — but anger is a normal human emotion. Yes, it becomes immoral or abnormal when it leads to aggression …

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Spotlight on Epilepsy: Brushing up on the Biology of the Disease

February 28, 2017 – 9:33 PM |

The two most common neurological conditions are epilepsy and stroke. Epilepsy is a neurological disorder affecting the central nervous system (CNS). It is result of sudden persistent firing of CNS neurons causing change in behavior, …

Importance of Clinical Examination Skills in Paramedical Training

January 31, 2016 – 7:10 PM |

During clinical rounds, medical house officers discuss patients with the consultant. These discussions include patient’s history, their present complaints and supporting labs to reacha specific diagnosis. I found these rounds very knowledgeable because we can …

The Orthodontist: Let’s Not Forget the Dentist behind the Dazzling Smiles!

January 12, 2016 – 9:43 PM |

It was a bright Sunday and I was working at the dental emergencies as part of my college studies in Paris. While I was working, I met this eight-year-old girl who had deep cavities on two primary …

New Horizons – The Increasing Use of Monoclonal Antibodies in Oncology Care

January 8, 2016 – 11:10 PM | 7 Comments

Oncology is the branch of medicine concerning the study, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cancer. Past studies have linked some cancers with certain lifestyle, behavioral and environmental factors. Six main hallmarks of cancerous growth have …

Updated Assessment of Drugs for Acute Migraine Headache

April 11, 2015 – 9:02 PM |

Migraine headache is a serious and very common health problem. According to American Headache association, about 36 million Americans suffer from migraines. The main treatment of migraine attack is pharmacotherapy, for which many drugs are …

In Foucs: A Brief Overview of Premature Atrial Contractions

January 14, 2015 – 9:59 PM |

The sinus node is a heart’s natural pacemaker situated in the upper part of the wall of right atrium. It is a collection of cells which generates electrical impulses and causes contraction. Premature atrial contractions (PACs) …

Ebola: How are We Fighting this Nasty Killer?

November 21, 2014 – 7:44 PM |

Ebola has a nasty reputation for the way it damages the body. It’s rightfully earned. “At the end stage of the disease, you have small leaks in blood vessels,” says Thomas Giesbert an immunologist at the …

Association between Obesity and Depression: Saving Self-Esteem

June 5, 2014 – 1:47 PM |

What is obesity, actually? How can one tell that they are obese? How to get rid of extra fat? These are common questions that almost everyone has these days.
Obesity is one of the scariest phases …

Squint and its Treatment

February 14, 2014 – 9:08 PM |

There are number of eye diseases that have been listed so far apart, squint is one of them. The scientific name for squint is named as STRABISMUS. Basically; it is a condition, where the eyes …

Treating Brain Malfunction: The Thin Line between Psychological and Biological

September 29, 2013 – 8:40 PM |

Because the bottom line is, the mind is biological too.
But the question is, how much of a mental illness can the biology of brain explain?

Can Keeping Yourself Alkaline Help Fight Cancer?

August 10, 2013 – 10:36 PM |

Medical history of treating diseases used to deal with only the pathological aspect of disease. However, nowadays, a new approach has been adopted which is known as pathophysiological approach of treating diseases so that the …

The Winner is: Modern Medicine or Traditional?

January 24, 2013 – 11:21 AM | One Comment

For physicians, especially those who practice in Asian and African countries there is a common question from patients:  What’s your opinion about traditional treatment? Do you think it is better because of fewer side effects?
As …

Not Another Utopian Dream!

August 2, 2012 – 12:55 AM | One Comment

My mother was suffering from persistent lethargy and slight intermittent chest pain for a couple of weeks, while having a very busy schedule at her office.  Being a first year medical student, I felt a …